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Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 97 Pistol

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  • Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 97 Pistol

    This is one of my many firearms and my favorite "pistol". I consider it to be the ultimate in home defense. It has a relatively long barrel and is considerably more easy to fire accurately than some of my small pistols. It also fires a rifle round (.223) Its nice to have a pistol that holds 30 rifle rounds in it and be able to squeeze them off as fast as you can pull the trigger. Highly recommended. Firing tracer rounds out of this gun is also extremely satisfying, however 30 rounds dissapear so quickly, and it can become expensive.

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    What length barrel? I'm in the prcess of building 2 AR pistols. My lowers have been on order since before the election, but I've aquired a 7.5" upper and a 10.5" upper. Just ordered the BCG's this week from Larue Tactical (finally found them in stock and at pre-panic prices)...all I need now id the charging handles and the lowers to come in.


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      I just have some reservations to firing a centerfire rifle cartridge in my house with my kids still at home in a "worst case scenario" these walls wont stop .22's let alone .223's.


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        I really like pistols that fire the .223 :)

        In my case I prefer the PLR-16 and consider it a PDW. More like a 50 yard pistol that can really put some lead downrange. I have tried a PLR on a coyote hunt and it was an easy to handle, easy to carry, and fun as heck to shoot.

        I wouldn't consider it worthy of being an AR-15 replacement, but it does have a place in your armory if you already got all your other stuff in order ;)

        My only concern with shooting this little artillery pieces is that the muzzle blast is like a flashbang grenade for EVERY pull of the trigger to both the guy pulling the trigger and everyone else :eek: Make sure you got your 'ears on' or they will be only for looks when you empty the mag ;)


        Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to
        beat you to death with it because it is empty.

        The faster you finish the fight, the less shot you will get.