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Just ordered a streamlight stinger flashlight holder for the AR.

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  • Just ordered a streamlight stinger flashlight holder for the AR.

    Ill let you guys know what I think of it when I get it next week.

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    That is COOL! I just got an Eagle Tac T20 MKII light. I wonder if it would fit in there as well? Do you have a Xenon Stinger or one of the new LED jobs? I have an older rechargeable Xenon Stinger but idk if those are shock absorbent enough to mount on a weapon, although I have put mine through absolute hell over the past 7 years and its still going strong...


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      I have a Streamlight Stinger DS LED. It is an awesome flashlight.


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        I received the mount today. I am very disapointed that the light does not fit. I emailed cheaper than dirt and I am waiting on a responce. The light is 1 1/8" thick. The mount is under 1 1/8" thick which means this will not work. I do like the grip and all, but I was really set on using the streamlight. I might end up getting a 1" light just for the gun. Anyone have any good 1" lights in mind for me? I already spent a good bit on the streamlights.... I need a cheaper one for the gun.


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          Come to find out, my light is about .05" too big for the mount. It will no where near fit. I ended up getting the Streamlight Polytac LED and had to wrap masking tape around it to get it snug in the mount until I figure out something better.