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Testing the waters. . . Stable, One hand stock for AR

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  • Testing the waters. . . Stable, One hand stock for AR

    I'm a machinist and a hobbyist gunsmith. I like the AR because its a good platform for development.

    Something that has been on my mind lately is the idea of a stock that would improve the stability of the rifle when held one handed. Obviously this isn't good practice if it can be avoided, but in the 'real world' stuff happens and a shooter might find themselves in a place where they need to fire a rifle with reasonable accuracy while the other hand manages another task. (Driving, dragging wounded, etc)

    What are your thoughts? Worthwhile? Worthless?

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    A solution already exists. A sling.


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      Bullpup AR Mod...?


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        If I was driving solo and the zombies came up from the rear I could shoot thru the slider of the pu and still keep one hand on the
        wheel also if trying to run thru an ambush left handed out the window would be nice, things would have to pretty far south for that
        Go for it but make it ambydextrous maybe with some kind of rotating forarm band


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          My son-in-law would be interested. He lost an arm in a bad motorcycle accident.