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AR-15 .22 LR Conversion Kit

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  • AR-15 .22 LR Conversion Kit

    What do you guys think about this? Seems to have a lot of good reviews. Might be a really good way to save some $$ on ammo?
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    That is a good price and they dont knock your head off on the price of extra mags either
    I have been considering building 2 of my AR receivers into .22s, for my boys then letting them "graduate" to a 5.56/.223 set up later.
    the problem right now is money, as i can still get them Ruger a 10/22 for alot less $$ than an Ar barrelled upper w/ .22 bolt/carrier
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      Do you think that the 22 converter could hurt the AR in anyway?
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        Never heard of it happening.
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          I don't understand why anyone would convert an AR to a 22LR. You can buy a 22LR for a lot less than the conversion kit if shooting cheaper ammo is your purpose. Shooting 22LR from an AR is not going to make your shooting any better than shooting 22LR from a 10/22. It won't make you more familiar or comfortable with an AR either, since as soon as you start shooting 5.56 through it, the experience will be 100% different.

          But, it in no way will damage your AR.

          Buy a survival 22LR instead. Spend less money and have something more usefull.


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            I got one (CMMG not ciener) so I can carry in my pack with my other survival equipment and a brick of 22LR. This way I don't have to carry a second rifle. just the conversion, magazine, brick of 22LR.

            It also lets me practice with cheaper ammo and the rifle I am familiar with.

            Sure a 10/22 is great to have, but te controls are different than the AR. I like to practice with my rifle. (Its alreay a secondary rifle (I hope)) so I don't want to carry a third and forth, that is the beauty of conversion kits.

            I have a 10/22, I also have a very nice match grade 22 target pistol yet I still have a 22LR conversion for my glock.
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              I traded my Mini 14 for a Polish Tantal with 2 mags could only afford 7 30 round boxes of ammo sold the Tantal and a AR-15 carbine then a AR-15 HB 20" Rifle with Colt upper fell into my lap for 640.00 can't beet that around here and last week I scored another 500 rds 5.56 when I got home I broke down my ar and installed my CMMG conversion hope to get some range time next monday anybody knows what the CMMG likes to eat??


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       got a lot of guns all at once, didn't you?
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                  I just bought a smith and wesson M&P M15-22. It looks exactly like an AR15 (5.56), but has no forward assist. It costed $450. Instead of about $360 for 1000 rounds, it is $50.


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                    So going from .223 to .22, is just like going from a big .22 to a smaller .22. Would be cheaper.


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                      You are correct, but a cheap .223 is about $800 plus tax. A cheap ar15-22 like I got is about $380 or so. I would say have both instead of converting.


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                        I don't know if others would agree with this. But, I believe that a .22 LR rifle can be a lot less expensive and is very light in general, unless you buy a target shooting rifle. Also there is a lot less power behind that round and it is hard to stop a animal, or person that has bad intentions towards you (unless you are a good shot). This will also allow you to have an extra rifle, even though it is less powerful, just in case something were to happen to your AR-15. If for some reason you were to be still anywhere near a place that the government decided that was important to protect they would send the military to protect it and they use the 5.56 and you would generally have a pretty good chance of finding ammunition left from military activities.
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                          A .22 Rimfire Adapter can be a very useful tool. It will allow you to train with your AR for a fraction of the price of
                          5.56 ammo. You can get a lot of good practice in if utilized properly.

                          It is possible for lead/lube/fouling from .22 rimfire ammunition to accumulate in the gas port/tube. This can lead to
                          malfunctions when switched back to 5.56x45mm until the fouling is blown clear.

                          I have one dedicated .22 LR AR set-up exactly like my NRA High Power match rifle and it was extremely valuable
                          as a training tool. I also have a couple carbines set up to shoot .22s. It's a great tool which will save you money.