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AR-15 Optics

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    Like most of the other folks, I would go with the EoTech 512, for the

    With your budget, you can also get a pretty good folding rear sight
    that will co-witness.

    This is what I have on my M-4orgery; a 512, with a Yankee Hill
    Machines folding rear sight/ with the two apetures.

    For a 16" carbine, I find this setup ideal


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      Awesome, here's the end of the road! or **** all that other noise. EOTech's fine, Aimpoints are the heat!

      I hear ya Rancher and that's fine for scoped huntin' type rifles. I agree, but for fighting weapons working from medium to CQB ranges that's a no go. If my ACOG was mounted high enough that I could use my BUIS under it I'd have to index my sight 18,000 feet above haji's head just to face shoot that mother****er. It took long enough to learn my small offset at bad breath range.

      Regardless of whether you have a big money optic or a cheapo, magnified or not, you should (must) be running BUIS's. Mounted and zero'd of course, not doing so is bad juju.

      Mine is mounted on the rail right behind my ACOG. It's the pop-up type. It will not fully deploy with the ACOG in place. The ACOG is mounted useing a LaRue Tactical quick release mount. If the ACOG goes down, (How I have no idea.) I flick two levers, dump the ACOG, deploy the BUIS and keep the fight going forward!

      (Weapon modified since picture was taken, but the sights are the same.)
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      Well, for me, the action is the juice.....I'm in.


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        I see your points... However I did fail to mention that we run all "carry handles" thus the iron sights work just fine on the correctly designed mounting system. I use some QD units for a couple NV equipped units so they can go to daylight use.... if needed.

        Because we are set up as a secured retreat location we are not trying to pack a weapon with every option on it. Rather have weapons choices outfitted for all different ranges and applications. Just another way to get the job down by having the correct tools on hand.

        Noticed you still ran the anti barrel fouling (mud and stuff) bird cage on your weapon. We run all vortex flash suppressors which take out 95% of visible flash. In a real tight situation we have some "tap" ammo mags ready to go...thus no visual signatures at all.... Then one can always screw on the can and change the noise level and signature of the AR-15, plus no flash at night or in the dark.

        Nice camo job. Up here in the N.W we would go with darker greens and browns. We also have cloth snow tape to make the weapon go away when we darn our snow camos. Good way to test camo is take it hunting or call in coyotes with it...


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          Congrats Awsome on the Stag. I really want a Stag upper since i shoot lefty and they make a true left handed upper.( i said shoot lefty....not shoot LEFTIES!!!)
          Mr.Mags,just to make sure i understand, did you say you like Aimpoint?:D
          If i ever get these AR projects going i will use fold down front and rear sights.
          YHM seems to be the best $ for $, IMHO.
          I like zero or low magnification on an AR optic to keep a wide field of view. Quick detach mounts are mandatory. Remember what the wise man said, "if it uses batteries or lipstick its gonna give you trouble"
          CTHULHU/Dagon 2012


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            Yes, IMHO Aimpoints linked over EOTech's everytime.

            Well, for me, the action is the juice.....I'm in.


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              I don't know 'bout rancher but if I ran my carry handles mounted with optics on top that allow me access to my iron sights below the optic there is no frakken way I'd be able to maintain any sort of cheek weld on the stock.

              Giving up marksmenship basic's is not a good path to start down. The only thing that might help is one of those aftermarket big ass AR15 "sniper" stocks that come up that high. Would that intern make it hard to access the iron sights????

              I'll stick with what I got, flat top mounted quality optic with pop up BUIS!
              Well, for me, the action is the juice.....I'm in.


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                Hey Mags,

                Off topic:

                Did you camo your rifle or have it done? I've been thinking of shooting mine with some krylon. Duracoat is a little too rich for my blood, especially for a rifle that will never see a safe.

                Advice or comments?
                The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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                  Pull the trigger and do it! You'll love it! Besides you can get the Krylon off easily if you want a different color or pattern!

                  Nothing but DIY and Krylon baby! It's cheap and comes off easy if you need to. Lots of people use netting or leaves as stencils. They get really nice patterns. I never wanted a pattern. Just hosed it with OD, Brown, and Tan Krylon.

                  I put on the accessories I wanted the used blue painters tape to cover/seal what I wanted and let'er rip. I took out my bolt and sealed up the chamber. I taped over my BUIS appitures, the ACOG serial number and the rifles SN.

                  I did it outside hanging the rifle off the clothesline via 550 cord loops and carabiners.

                  I always bought OD gear and hit it with Krylon some black but mostly tan. I never liked patterns. Just srpaying it to break it up a bit. Besides I think the items looked better as the krylon started to wear off.

                  IMHO, YMMV................

                  Couple examples.......

                  OD Kifaru EMR

                  Rifle, spotting scope, LRF, bino's

                  Ranger green chest harness

                  Same chest harness (fresh coat)

                  OD Combat Lifesaver Bag

                  Black Otter Box

                  OD RAID Pack

                  Black Bino's

                  Silver Fuel Bottle
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                  Well, for me, the action is the juice.....I'm in.


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                    BARSKA 1x30 IR M-16 Electro Sight Riflescope


                    What do you guys think of this thing? Spread around the internet there are reviews ranging from awesome to not so great.... Generally speaking the opinion is good... It;s a little on the cheap side to be a main Optic but it might be a nice, extra, optic? What do you think?

                    Plus it doesn;t hurt that it kinda looks like one of those awesome Acogs
                    ~ Awesome ~


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                      Sorry for the off topic post above.

                      Looks good and got some good reviews. I'm just too sketchy on a scope that is that cheap. It's a pretty important piece of equipment to skimp on. Just who are all the people writting the reviews and what is there experience/background?

                      The "standard dovetail mount," does that mount to a carry handle or picatinny rail? Battery operated? What kind? Waterproof? Hope it works out for you.

                      IMHO, YMMV................(Keep in mind I'm a bit of a gear snob.)
                      Well, for me, the action is the juice.....I'm in.


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                        That looks a little too good to be true. One review states the following after giving it 4 out of 5 stars. I would have sent it back!

                        The only downside is that the zeroing process is a little troublesome (screw caps and 1/4 turns per inch) and after about 120 rounds, the reticle started to malfunction, the recoil must have caused the projector to come loose a bit.(due to rapid firing, I'm sure of it)
                        and it arrived late.


                        Thanks for the pics, I'll be a paintin fool this weekend!!!:cool:
                        The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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                          I agree with both u guys looks a little to good to be true and some of the reviews are bad. It's tempting though.
                          ~ Awesome ~


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                            I've never used any EO Techs. I honestly like ACOGs, even though they're pricey for just 3 or 4x magnification. But I do like their compactness (if that's a word) and they're also practically indestructable and won't lose their zero. I'm also kinda addicted to the bullet drop compensators and also having the tritium illuminated reticle is a huge plus, I think.


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                              I agree with you. I use iron sights on all of my rifles. The terrain here is hilly and lots of trees. The possibility of needing to make a long shot, over 300 yards, is not probable. If that is required, I always have a 30.06 carbine. I use the iron sights on it, as well. A scope might help on this gun, and I am looking for just the right one. One that doesn't cost more than the gun.


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                                Optics are like boots....each person has a preference and you usually don't know yours until you've broken in your boots lol. I've used several different types of optics on the M4 and it was a combination of quality and wallet that gave me what I have. For some reason the heads-up type just doesn't "fit" me; i'm consistently shooting high. I wanted the flexibility of close quarters with the option of range. I had been watching this scope for a long time and fell in love with the aiming reticle along with the option for red or green illumination. I still keep my iron sights on, and can quickly ditch the scope using these mounts I've removed and remounted the scope at least 20 times and it comes back to nearly perfect zero.

                       dillo rub is great stuff lol, and so is the bottle opener.
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