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wth can practice with 80c per shot cengterfire ammo?

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  • wth can practice with 80c per shot cengterfire ammo?

    You can't get primers to reload with. and the future looks very bad, so who's want to burn them up even if they DID have them? The silenced 223 handles enough like the un-suppressed .22lr unit to make 20c per shot 22lr practice translate into 223 ability. In fact, it does the same thing for .177 lead pellet precision training and airsoft rapidfire. The shorty AR,.22 unit and silencer set up offers MANY advantages that do not at first meet the eye! :-)

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    Some of us have actually planned ahead GunKid. If your preparations are lacking, it is because you didn't plan. Many competitive shooters buy and keep on hand 5,000-10,000 primers in multiple sizes. While TMJ bullets are sketchy at times, I know 3 cast bullet manufacturers ready to ship your order the next day. This is the 3rd "shortage" in 25 years, time to plan ahead after this one.


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      If you can get ammo for .80 per shot lay it in. Around here (South Carolina) it is 2.00 per round any caliber.
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        Over about the last decade or so, we have enjoyed a lot of fun shooting adult precision air (springer type) rifles and pistols. They are extremely accurate with high quality triggers and although prices have dramatically increased pellets are inexpensive.
        Where we live, we have our own range. Yet, we still enjoy the pellets.
        With an RWS Diana M48 .22 caliber and a 3x9 Leapers mildot scope, I taught my wife how to create a range card.
        One thing to remember, unlike CF, a springer has a back and forth recoil which can destroy many considerably more expensive optics than a Leapers..
        It just adds to the fun...