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WHY be stuck with JUST 223, or JUST .22lr,

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  • WHY be stuck with JUST 223, or JUST .22lr,

    when for $200 and 3/4 lb of accessory, fits in the thigh pocket of your cammies, you can have both/either, with a 10 second parts-swap? Keep it in 223 firing-mode until you see a good reason to put it into .22lr mode, use it as such and immediately switch back to 223. If you need the gun swiftly, you're probably also going to need the 223 softpoint's power, penetration and range. A possible exception is at night.. The 100m effective range limitation of subsonic 22lr ammo at night isn't nearly as much of a handicap as it is during daylight hours. Since you're nuts to be out and about in daylight, for at least a year after shtf, you wont be needing much 223 ammo.

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    Wait until the case neck of that .22lr conversion kit cracks in use. Which the newer production one did that I use in short order.

    It's a fantasy to think hobbling your only "long arm"with a finicky and fairly delicate, due to the chamber insert is a great idea. IF someone insists upon it then it might be a good to buy 1-2 extra replacement chamber inserts as spares.

    Plus consider this:

    And this, seems like I'm not the only one eh? I already had thoughts of a high quality dedicated upper so a friend helped me machine down the broken chamber insert to an adapter collar and I built an upper using a Lothar Walther barrel.

    The bright side of things like this is CMMG is good about making things right and has excellent customer service.
    The only downside is that I highly doubt they or FedEx, UPS or USPS will be around if the economy collapses.
    While the main body of the current kits are polished stainless steel QC issues and IMHO the use of stainless steel for the chamber insert is going to cause issues.
    The Ciener units I had never cracked an insert and I shot the snot out of them. I think using stainless steel for some components is a mistake as bad as thinking it's overall durable and reliable for SHTF use.

    One last link on general parts breakage:


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      Walk through the steps of switching between the 22 unit and the normal BCG, including the mag changes, and recovering the round you just ejected. You are not doing the entire process in 10 seconds.
      1. drop magazine
      2. eject round
      3. stow magazine
      4. stow loose round
      5. close bolt
      6. Push out rear pin
      7. open receiver
      8. remove BCG
      9. stow BCG
      10. retrieve 22 unit
      11. insert 22 unit
      12. close receiver
      13. reinsert rear pin
      14. get 22 magazine
      15. insert 22 magazine
      16. charge weapon
      you have to include the time it takes to lay everything out ahead of time, if you choose to do it that way. I would not do that, however, in case you have to leave quickly before completing the process.

      things to consider. You can decide for yourself if this is path you want to go down.


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        No matter how hard folks try, Registror with never get it.