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AR-Platform MAGAZINES Aluminum or plastic

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  • AR-Platform MAGAZINES Aluminum or plastic

    Which is more goooooder Plastic (Magpull) or Aluminum........??? I have a lot of both. I have only had one Magpull that a feed lip broke. And I am lukewarm about the sharp shoe on the aluminum mags.
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    I like the steel / aluminum but am not too fond of eh plastic. Yes you do have to be aware of the sharp shoe. I have just had better luck with the steel.
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      I think this argument has been beaten to death a million times in just as many places.

      Some prefer the plastic, some prefer the metal.

      I'm a plastic guy for the M4's (All magpul) but use steel with my Armalite AR10. That's just the way it worked out.


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        Metal over plastic every time. I live in Illinois and the cold weather here does not always work well with the plastic ones over a long time period.