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Shepherds Hook

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  • Shepherds Hook

    For anyone having trouble remembering how to install your "shepherds hook".


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    I have a question.
    Are we able to post pics and tutorials from elsewhere? I posted a schematic and took a look, but the pic didn't show.

    I'm using multiple picture hosting, and have many options at my hands. If the site has a preference of host please let me know as I have alot of info to pass on to my friends.
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      use photobucket......easiest tool.
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          Can someone tell me what a Shepherds hook is? I think I have an idea if someone would PM me, that would be great.


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            This is the wire that locks in the pins holding the trigger group. It can be a pain the first time or two as theres more than one way to install. Having this pic will help.


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              The diagram shows different ways to install, but doesn't say which one is correct.


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                If you intened to run your AKS firearm hardcore then this is by far the best way to keep the axis pins from going anywhere (see link). Bar none! You remove the axis retaining spring and temp remove the safety and repalce the spring with this plate. Easy modidification. BTW method #1 shows how it retains the pins in place.

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                  OK call me a dumb butt! I always thought a "shepherds hook" was something that you hung plants, bird feeders, and such from, in the yard?
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                    It's just called that because the AKS axis pin retaining spring looks like a sheep herders staff and hook.