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Polish Tantal

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  • Polish Tantal

    I traded my mini 14 for a Tantal last gunshow now I need Depenable Magazines and other acces. as well as ammo

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    I am interested in the Tantal since the Wasr2's seem nonexistant, how does it shoot?
    i bought a double case of 5.45 ammo from, check the ads in SGNews...
    CTHULHU/Dagon 2012


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      I've had one for several years shoots great, the 545 rd is great, no recoil, especially on the tantal with the grenade launcher muzzle break, put a fixed stock on it and a hoge grip and a good sling and your set, get the tin can ammo its 50 grain and seems to shoot better than some of the heavier grain stuff


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        not to good in combat, u better off with ak