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    Any advice good or bad on a IO brand AK?

    There is a small shop here in town selling these for new for 599 he says they are american made, I know of two people who have bought these AK's but I would like to know what some exberts thoughts before I jump in and get me one.

    The price I was quoted was the AK (in beige only) w/ the folding stock
    3 extra 30 round clips (4 total) and a case of wolf ammo 1,000 rounds
    $1,000 bucks plus tax

    Good deal? bad deal? fair deal?

    Thanks for any help.


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    watch out what ammo you get wolf rust when it gets wet i buy silver bear or surplus they have a coating to protect from this


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      May be a little high, AK is $600, ammo at 300 , that make the mags high, maybe they'll give you another mag or two and a sight tool, The IO's are good guns not quite an Arsenal but a step up from the WASR's as far a fit and finish, Wolf ammo is no more so it's probably old stock but still good,{ Tula in the white box replaced it this year}, I've shot 1000's of rounds it, keep it in an ammo can and it will last years, strip the boxes and dump it in the can for easier access when loading
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