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Yugo M70 Underfolder

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  • Yugo M70 Underfolder

    I picked up a Century Arms Yugo M70AB2 Underfolder on Sunday. I did some trading with a friend. It's a very interesting AK and in new condition. Look forward to taking it out and trying it out. Has anyone else in the group had any experience with this rifle?
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    I own one myself with the underfolder. Personally I prefer the side fold stock instead for the only reason that if you have a magazine inserted you cannot transition from full to underbody without first removing the magazine. I purchased a few promag mags recently and found out that I needed to slightly file down the catch as they were a tad to thick. I was at the range and wated to open up the underfolder but could not because the mag was jammed. It was a hip fireing good time instead. It can also be a tad more difficult to transition then a side folding stock. But outside of those minor things, I have had no problems and don't plan on swapping it out at this point in time.


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      I used to own one of those. I traded it out for a romanian AK, because it didnt have a chrome lined barrel. I got lucky and happened to pick one with slightly better accuracy(pure luck). I also prefer the side folding stock. My underfolder was hard to get a good cheek to stock weld. And after some time, the underfolder developed some noticeable vertical play. It didnt lock in the open position as tightly anymore. Because of the difficulty to use proper firing techniques to begin with(cheek to stock weld), I doubt it affected accuracy too much. But it just annoyed the hell out of me, simply because it wasnt supposed to do that. The AK itself though was, for an AK, well manufactured. Other than the lack of a chrome lined barrel, I had no problems with it.


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        Got one I like fixed stocks best but the under folder has its uses. The M70 is a great rifle and mine has never jamed and shoots where its aimed. Take it out and shoot it some you will like it


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          The under folding stock is one of the weak points. While it looks sexy, it is difficult to get a good cheek weld and can be uncomfortable in log strings of fire. My first AK was a Yugo and I found it reasonably accurate - one can only do so much with the supplied sights. I have since moved on to an Arsenal with a fixed stock. YMMV but have a great time with it, it will certainly outlive most of us!
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            Yes, I own this rifle. Yugo is one of the much better AKs. The steel is actually thicker than romanian or wsar. I qualified with it on my out to 100 yds. I didn't win any awards but the guy (target) was dead none the less. You got yourself a good one there.
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              Thats wierd. My underfolder works with the mags. Is you stock bent at all?
              The strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is as a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government." -- Thomas Jefferson


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                I have 2....they are solid....and function a deal on them....and 5 of the big ham cans of ammo (corrosive)....but over 6k rds....:)
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                  I have one, it works great. It fits nicely in a chair bag if you take the mag out.