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308 is a boondoggle for shtf.

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    it's not so much teaching him, as educating any new comers that might think he is an expert. Some of his advice is illegal, some of it is dangerous. I wouldn't want anyone getting hurt or arrested because they followed his advice.

    and to stay on topic:

    and to piss him off (he hates the FAL especially):


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      there are two easter eggs in the camo of the FAL

      BTW, it pretty much disappears in the AZ desert.


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        He will return as this is one of the few sites that tolerates his antics.


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          Shoot! I've banned him half a dozen times over the years. The last time, he told me something that got me thinking....

          He said: "Me being here increases the traffic on the site" or something like that. It's the only thing that he has spouted out of his pie hole that was the truth. So, this time, I decided to let him run free. (To a point. I read everything thats posted here.) Eventually, members, weren't replying to his BS and I wasn't giving him the attention he craves in life. So, he left and hasn't been back. Haha.

          You can read more about him here, I had this as an auto-reply to him years ago.. lol...

          My name is John Melvin, AKA Gunkid (and a myriad of other names I use in my hobby of internet trolling.) If you google my name, you can find a host of information on me going back more than 20 years. I am a several times convicted felon and have been to prison. I cannot legally own a firearm. 90% of what I post is nonsense. I hardly have no real experience with anything related to firearms and survival. Mostly, I just take from the internet, movies and TV shows in a self-delusional constant fantasy. Some of my personal amazing whimsical ideas are:
          The famous tactical assault wheelbarrow
          A de-barked chihuahua guard dog
          4 five gallon gas cans mounted on a motorcycle.
          Solar powered night vision goggles
          I could go on.
          Some of my exploits are:
          - He allegedly had a 2 year IPSC career 30 years ago, still thinks he’s a top hand yet the few competitors who remember him indicates that he chokes under pressure. He boasts, of his prowess, but can't provide any facts;

          -He likes to allude to a magnificent IPSC shooting career. There are no records of his exploits. However, there are complete records of other competitor’s scores, shot in the time frame he claims to have been a competitor.

          -He claims to have shot in the IPSC World Match in 1977, yet can’t tell anyone who won the match or the handgun used;

          -He does believe that IPSC shooting is reality and that’s how life will be if the balloon ever goes up;

          -He claimed to have shot with the South West Pistol League in the middle 1970's, yet John doesn't even remember Peter-the-Power-Meter. Ask Hard Ball, he remembers Ol' Peter. Gun Kid knows none, of the old line, 1970's era, SWPL shooters;

          -Well, we do know that Gun kid managed to shoot two people. Of course, they were both him. He shot himself in the foot with a .22 then poured scalding water over his foot as he couldn’t afford to go to a doctor. They second time he allegedly shot himself in the belt buckle with a .45. He has admitted to at least a ½ dozen accidental discharges on various boards;

          -Gun kid joined/was drafted into the Army in 1971 where he became a Military Policeman. He was shipped to Korea where he admitted that he slept on guard duty and beat the police dog that he was responsible for, went AWOL and admitted theft of government property. He received an early discharge from the Army after 1 year 7 months. He has not divulged the reason why. One can only speculate;

          -Gunkid became a world class gunsmith while he vacationed at Federal Correctional Institution Phoenix, they had a machine shop!

          -He has been arrested on numerous occasions, once by a meter maid, once his Community Programs Manager phoned him and he turned himself in. He has been a drug dealer and made cheap ineffective silencers. The 13 plus years he spent in jail indicates he isn’t the most successful of the criminal breed. He suggests that the way to be a successful drug dealer is to have kids sell your drugs as they can’t be arrested, same with selling silencers. Another arrest he received for Falsifying a Firearms Statement and Felon in Possession of a Firearm. This lead to the great escape.

          Deep down, I know I am full of it, but, I need the attention. The truth of the matter is that I suffer from mental illness.
          You can read more about me here:

          I'm not a fatalist. I'm a realist.


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            I did a search for John Melvin, AKA Gunkid and the results were disgusting. My opinion was a highly imaginative liar; the search lowered my opinion.

            From what I read, any discharge would have been less than Honorable or dishonorable.
            One of my triggers is being cruel to dogs; add women and kids for the rest of the list.

            Yes, he does add traffic to the site and to prevent his misinformation from being taken seriously; others, including me answer.. Often, he is so far off reality, no one bothers.
            Thanks for the info.