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everyone says the AK is SO "durable" under abuse and neglect.

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    Originally posted by Garand View Post
    One thing that I have noticed with the young people that I have associated from all over North America and the UK for the last 2 decades is that history is not a big part of the educational system these days. So this generation is doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.
    Even worse, they are now being taught a fictional history that will doom them to Marxist enslavement.


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      Originally posted by TRex2 View Post
      Even worse, they are now being taught a fictional history that will doom them to Marxist enslavement.
      Ours is a second marriage. Recently, her daughter and grandson visited. Our young believe what their liberal teachers taught them and you'd be astonished or even disgusted what they were taught.


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        I would not do well in college I know too much history ..

        All you have to do with many young people today is ask them is to where they would move if America is such an bad country.

        For not only are the youth of America so ignorant of their own history ...they are also extremely deficient in geography...and with that the history of many many nations.

        In my youth I lived for four years outside of Paris, France.....

        Many people romanticize France for the River Seine...and the gala paintings by Rousseau...and others....but few know Paris is awash in the blood of many Frenchmen....after the Revolution...,..the bloody bloody revolution....the guillotine.

        The same can be said of Rome....

        Ask a young person to where they could or would move .....relocate themselves to a better land....???

        Many would not have a clue.

        i am waiting for this company for which I am employed to be stupid sufficient to begin teaching CRT/Critical Race Theory at the Behest/insistence of the US Navy. I am hearing that the US military are being forced to go this route under this "Fallen" Administration currently in office.

        You have to become educated in dumb a--ed stupidity to promote official government sponsored, approved racism and think no one notices it. And I think many young people are sufficiently ignorant to not know the difference ...that our government has become officially dependent on their brand of government approved racism.
        Any thinking person does not define who and what they are by race...but this current government does.
        That is how one knows what one has in office.

        But that is exactly what we have in government today...official government sponsored, approved racists...while trying to label others as racist.
        This is not is Occult a manner few can recognize happening right in front of them.

        Astonishing that they seem not think no one can think their way around it.

        This government has become co dependent on manufacturing racists to keep and maintain power...

        Dependent like someone on a drug...they must have it....manufacturing racists for political power..

        Exactly how an Ishmaelite would work to put others in to bondage...their racial bondage..

        They are trying to play good cop/bad cop on public ignorance...and they would be mostly correct about betting on American Public many things.

        However...back on topic....the first time I took apart an AK 47 I busted out laughing at how it was made internally.

        I do not like the AK 47 series of rifles. I prefer the SKS to the AK 47 in that particular calibration.

        I would not mind owning a bolt action in 7.62 x 39mm calibration....or even a combination gun ...12 gauge shotgun with a 7.62 x 39mm barrel on the top. Now that would be a simple practical combination to me...not an AK 47.

        When I took one apart it became very clear as to how they turn them out by the millions...and almost give them away like prizes in corn flake anyone loyal to the cause.

        Mind you the AK 47 is excellent for what it was designed...but when you are accustomed to tools better made and with more accuracy....the AK 47 is severely wanting in my estimation., Not for me thanks..

        My non Ishmaelite .02,

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          Quite a few of my prior employers hired college interns. The interns received valuable work experience to add to their resumes and my employers could make a job offer to the most talented interns. What I learned from the interns was never ever let the professors know they supported RKBA and owned firearms. So knowing history would not be your only "fatal" error.

          My last employer operated satellite operations in a few European nations. Their taxes are ridiculously high well beyond my willingness to pay...

          Personally, I've worked with intelligent and talented Blacks both white and blue collar. None of them needed CRT to succeed, they succeeded the same way anyone else succeeded. The only "place" success comes before work is in the dictionary.
          CRT is meeting resistance by parents; unfortunately, our military has no choice.

          I have a Vepr II .223 and it shoots about a MOA at 100 with commercial ammo. It has a Bushnell 3x9 with turrets. The Rob Arms trigger isn't a Gisselle or Hyperfire (and others) class; however, it is predictable and breaks like a glass rod.

          Speaking of AKs.
          The ad's description explains why it s more accurate. One of the requirements of accuracy requires receiver rigidity

          It's hammer forged barrel is 520mm or 20.47" with that barrel length the 5.56 will maintain the velocity required for fragmentation a lot farther than short barrels.
          By hammer forged I don't mean same as any Com Block; think more the same class as a Daniel Defense or FN etc. hammer forged.
          As a side bar, my wife worked for FN Mfg in Columbia, SC. She was involved with the FN 240, 249 and FN M2HB (50 Cal).

          The average AK is barroom brawler and very good at it or it meets the Com Block's spray fire doctrine. The doctrine of the West is aimed fire.