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AK vs. SKS Accuracy

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    Originally posted by RICHFL View Post
    reloader 762 What is the accuracy at 100 yards?
    Don't really know as I don't have anywhere I can shoot that far around here safely. The local range which goes out to 300 yds. cost about 1K a year to join and there is a long waiting list the closes public range is about a 2 hr. drive. Several years ago when I was down at the public range I could easily hit clay targets off hand on the 100 yd. berm so I think it will do just fine for anything in the area I live.


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      For those of you who have not shot the M-14 rifle, understand that those rifles are one of the best rifles EVER made for all round service use. They are extremely accurate with novice shooters being able to repeatedly hit targets out to 750 meters with a little bit of training. In about 1970 the U.S. Army brought out the XM-21 sniper rifles which were upgraded and tuned up M-14 rifles. These M-14 variants would eventually become the M-21 sniper rifle system and would, with a trained shooter, match grade ammo and a decent scope, deliver 1,000 meter silhouette shots about 9 out of 10 times.

      The thing about the AK vs. the SKS is that the AK has a side mount system that lets you add and remove a telescopic sight when you want. When the sight is in place, your magazine change does not effect the sight nor does the sight cause a problem loading the rifle. With the SKS there are a couple of sighting system issues when using telescopic sights. With the real early models, the Russians had a scope system that moved forward and backwards so that ammo could be loaded into the magazine. I only saw one of those in Viet Nam and the guy who had it was taking it home with him as a souvenir. There was another variant where the scope flips off to the side so that the shooter can load ammo into the magazine and then move the scope over the centerline of the carbine. A third variant is an offset scope, just a little to the left of the bolt, so that the line of sight is pretty close to the bullet's flight path.

      While I was in Viet Nam the majority of the communist snipers used old Mosin-Nagant bolt action rifles with scopes mounted on them. We did, however, capture one SKS that had half of a binocular mounted, crudely mounted, on it. The shooter had etched a crosshair in the front glass of the binocular to use for his shooting purposes. His make-shift sniper rifle worked well enough from zero to about 300 meters or so.

      The thing about the SKS is that you are not under-equipped when you have one. They are decent carbines and they do tend to be a tad bit more accurate than the AK rifles. Both the AK rifles and the SKS carbines will serve you well so you can't go wrong with either of them. If I had to choose, I would pick an AK with a scope over a SKS just because I would get 20 extra rounds and reloading would be easier when using a scope.

      Attached is a photo of me and my sniper rifle over in Viet Nam that I used to kill a feral pig.