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AK vs. SKS Accuracy

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  • AK vs. SKS Accuracy

    I received a Yugo SKS as a gift. Yeah, not a bad gift! Now I know that this is not the most accurate rifle, and believe me I would have preferred an M14. That ain't gonna happen anytime soon.
    My question concerns the accuracy of the SKS compared to the AK. Neither of these are going to be long range pinpoint accuracy weapons. However, both are rugged and dependable, just what you want for the bad times.
    I am considering trading my SKS, plus a little cash, of course, for a decent AK. I know that every individual gun shoots differently, but on average, how does the accuracy of the two guns compare?

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    Cant speak for an AK, but using my kids Chinese SKS, I can put 10/10 into a
    9" plate at 250 yards. Good enough for me!
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      If mine shoots that well, I'll be satisfied. Obviously, I haven't shot it yet.
      On some SKS boards I have seen some guys who were satisfied with MUCH less accuracy than what you describe, so I was wondering.


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        With the exception of a few AKS variants, SKS firearms are generally more accurate than the AKS. Several reasons include but are not limited to:

        SKSs are machined to tighter tolerances compared to an AKS
        SKSs generally have longer barrels producing slightly better muzzle velocities and bullet stabilization
        Longer barrels mean a longer sight picture again contributing to greater accuracy
        SKSs because of normal magazine capacities don't sustain the same rate of fire as an AKS firearm, so barrel does'nt get as hot contributing to sustain accuracy longer.

        As I said before, there are some exceptions I've personally fired. But these examples are much more expensive/refined than your run of the mill AKS.

        Both guns have there avantages, disadvantages and limitations; just like any other firearm. The SKS is not as intimidating to the general public as an AKS; looks much like a common hunting rifle (when not dressed out) compared to the evil looking AKS with a high cap mag. Not a day goes buy you don't see one in the international news in the hands of a terrorist. More unassuming is the SKS (can be advantageous).

        AKS on the other hand because their capability to readily except high cap mags can sustain a greater rate of suppressive fire over time. Great if your being attacked by a horde of mutants zombies or roving gangs. There are some fine AKS examples out there in the sporterized class with longer barrels not as compact as standard AKS but still very affordable. The russian manufactured Saiga (Meaning Deer) is one such firearm. You can find examples in both long and short barrels and calibers include: .223, 7.62x39, .308, 410, 20 and 12 GA.

        Both firearms because of their gas piston operation run cleaner and more reliably over time than an AR-15 type firearm, albeit less accurate than an AR. AKSs because of there loose tolerances, wide receiver and simplified internals have been know to operate after they have been covered in sand that would stop other firearms from operating in their tracks.

        If you decide to get an AKS I would recommend getting one with a chromed-lined barrel. Yugo SKS and AKS don't have chrome barrels. Chrome barrels last longer are more corrosive resistant and the chrome chamber helps with feeding and extraction of the shells.

        If you have a spouse or other family member that can help you protect what's yours; I would consider keeping the SKS as a backup and still getting the AKS. If you decide to just keep the SKS it will still serve you well as long as you maintain it well. Good luck with your decision.
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          Good info. Thanks.


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            nothing wrong with the SKS I have both AK and SKS and perfer neither over the other I would recomend shooting it and see how it peforms


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              original question

              If you buy either firearm and it has been manufactured for the eastern bloc military, the military acceptance standard (translated into inches) is 6 inches at 100 yards. The western bloc acceptance standard is 3 inch patterns at 100 yards.


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                While the SKS is a decent carbine it is not a rifle and none of the SK/AK family of weapons is a match for ahn AR15. I'd be happy to demonstrate with any of theGBleep Infantry small arms'
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                  I like to see that in the rough use test..........I've served myself see, and an AR was what I was AR NEVER beats an AK in rough use.
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                    I have to agree with both of the above posts. While an AR15/M16 type weapon will be more accurate than an SKS or AK, my humble opinion is that the M16 family is a crappy combat rifle for harsh conditions. The SKS and AK were built to withstand true combat conditions. I have carried an M16 many, many years ago in combat, and if I could go back and do it again, I would find some way to get an AK instead.
                    Of course, if I could get an M14, I would outshoot and outlast all of the above.


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                      Never shot an M-14, how were they?
                      All that is gold does not glitter, nor all who wander are lost


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                        This, of course, is just MHO, always subject to debate (just ask my wife). I believe the M14 to be the finest combat rifle ever designed. A quick overview:
                        It was a modification and modernization of the time tested M1 Garand design. I don't think most people need to be reminded of how rugged, accurate and dependable the M1 was throughout both WW2 and Korea. The M14 kept most of the design aspects and updated them in order to become a rifle that
                        a. was capable of using a 20 round detachable magazine instead of an 8 round clip
                        b. Was capable of both auto and semi auto fire when equipped with a selector switch.
                        It used the 7.62x51 round (.308) which is a little shorter than the wonderful .30-06, but which has comparable ballistics to the .30-06. In other words, it will drop an enemy cold much more easily than the puny 5.56 that our troops have been using for a long time now.
                        It was sturdy and long enough to be used as an excellent platform for a bayonet if necessary, like the M1 was, and unlike the M16 family.
                        It had great long range accuracy. I myself have shot Expert at 400 meters with an M14, and I can attest that they would shoot where you aimed them, and deliver a stout bullet.
                        Like the M1, the tolerances were a little more forgiving than the M16 family, which made the M14 better at working under dirty conditions often encountered in combat.
                        It WAS heavy, and if comfort is your primary concern, you'll like the M16 a lot better.
                        However, taking everything into consideration, If I was going into a conventional war, I would choose the M14 in a heartbeat over any other weapon ever designed for the infantry.


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                          Originally posted by kenno View Post
                          While the SKS is a decent carbine it is not a rifle and none of the SK/AK family of weapons is a match for ahn AR15. I'd be happy to demonstrate with any of theGBleep Infantry small arms'
                          just a small disagreement, the Yugo SKS i traded for has a 22" barrel making it a rifle, however, i still consider the 7.62x39 round to be a very powerful carbine i guess your right LOLZ!!!!
                          To answer the original posters question, here is my own story (some of you already have sat through it). I had a MAK 90 AK but was very dissatisfied with its accuracy. A guy at work wanted to trade an SKS + cash for it. When i shot the SKS it was worlds better than any AKs i had shot, so i traded.
                          Not being a big fan of the AR gas system, my ideal rifle would be an M1 with a match accurate barrel.
                          I have since softened my view of the AR and have 5 receivers to build up into rifles/carbines in various calibers. Its tough to beat the AR platform for versatility, being able to swap uppers and having a gigantic selection of accessories. ARs are now gaining popularity as a home defence tool (in carbine length) and the much criticized 5.56 round turns into a death ray when loaded with a hollow point or polymer tip round.
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                            OK, I finally have to ask this question after seeing the issue raised in various places.
                            Exactly what is the difference between a rifle and a carbine?
                            I know that in general terms, a carbine is a "short" rifle. But how is that measured, and who sets the standard for what is short enough or too long?
                            Is the barrel length the only factor, or is overall length also taken into consideration?
                            What about a rifle with a folding stock which makes it much shorter when the stock is folded?
                            Or a rifle with a telescoping stock? Do you measure it with the stock all the way in or all the way out?
                            Yugo SKS's don't look all that short to me compared to some other combat weapons.
                            And how about a militarized version of the AK? If it is fully automatic, it can be properly classified as an assault rifle, not an assault carbine, even though it's not very long.
                            See where my confusion comes in?


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                              Now I wouldn't trade my sks for almost anything, it's a good straight shooter. But I do know one thing. If I can't reasonably shoot a weapon, I trade it out mucho pronto. Thats a problem waiting to happen.