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    Originally posted by Big_Saw View Post
    Okay...I'll do it myself!!!

    Still shut down 'cause of the ice storm, so I humped the quad over to the property to re-zero my rifle....cuz, as you all know, I painted the damn thing and just knew it was gonna be off again....

    Plus, I had to try out the new bipod on it and see if it helped out much....boy, did it.

    Actually, the scope must've re-seated very well, 'cause it was only off by about 1.5"R and 1" it only took a couple shots to get it dialed back in....

    Love shooting this pig with the the hell outta my elbow or palm, and increases my range considerably....I don't know how far I was, exactly, but I know I was at least 100 paces past our 1000ft mark, so around 4-500 yds?...

    Rifle still shoots flat at this range and no need to adjust for wind, as it is a perfectly still morning.

    Won't be messing with this rig anymore...I think it's as close to perfect for me as it the trigger pull...scope's not bad at range....bipod makes it comfy...camo is sick.....'nuff said....
    Nice!! I like how she turned out. 4-500 yrd group pretty impresive as well.
    Is mine next? LOL. I just worked up a new load for my bushy varmiter that shoots well The prarie dogs better be aware on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!
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