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Another caliber battle 7 mag/.30 06

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  • Another caliber battle 7 mag/.30 06

    Sorry to do this everyone (I have seen many other forums fight over this subject) but I need help deciding on a rifle caliber for my larger game/ long range rifle. I found the rifle I want but cannot decide on the caliber.

    I am torn between the 7 mag and the .30 06. If anyone could help that would be great.
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    Myself I would go with 30-06, It is a good all around rd.
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      30-06 for my vote


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        Originally posted by TennOutdoors View Post
        30-06 for my vote
        I have owned and hunted ALOT with both of them. I would take the 30-06 if I had to make a choice between the two hands down.

        You will find a larger selection/range of ammunition for the 06 and it will take down any game in North America.

        Nothing wrong with asking questions...throwing that question out there on other forums is a good idea. Better to do some research and by once rather then regret it.
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          Honestly, the difference between them is slim, with a slight edge in performance going to the 7Mag. It is a bit less versatile, is a larger case, and is a bit less available than the '06. They both are FINE hunting cartridges. Which RIFLE do you like best?


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            When it comes down to it really is a personal choice. I feel the way I do because of cost, more reloading options and off the shelf availability. The 30-06 wins in these areas.

            As far as long range shooting there are so many other things to take into consideration...your skill level, type of scope etc...With a quality scope, practice, being familiar with the firearm and a good, but safe trigger job I really don't think the 7mm has much more of an advantage.


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              I know I am not picking one of the 2 choices, but I go with 300 Win Mag. Bullet choices are endless and for me they use the same primers and powder as .45/70. I also like the balistics you can get. Sorry to go off kilter, I don't own 30-06 or 7mm.
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                My choice is for the 30-06. The round is a military round so more availability of ammo. If you were to go on a hunt somewhere far off and exotic... or anywhere for that matter the ammo for 30-06 will more than likely be more available and I bet cheaper cost wise. The ballistics are not that much greater... they (7mm ballistics) are better but I think with enough trigger-time and a good scope that there would not be a significant difference for most shooters. Lastly, have you shot both calibers? The 30-06 has a pretty hefty recoil but not disturbing... the 7mm Rem Mag kicks like a damn government mule! So unless you are really experienced... the flinch factor will likely eliminate any ballistic pluses. This is all just my humble opinion, but I do have experience with both calibers in a variety of firearms (bolts and semi). Hope this helps.


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                  Which ammo is easier to find in your AO.....What do the other folks in your area use more of.....Which would be more feisable for you to stock in quanity....what ranges are you looking at shooting the ballistics a factor (not a whole lot of difference IMO).

                  30-06 was a domestic martial round....and can be had in bulk....but old production.

                  Most mom and pop stores will have a box of 30-06....above having a box of 7mm.

                  So I'll have to say 30-06....

                  I'm partial to .308 myself...(current mil production)
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                    30-06 for all reasons listed. although i have hunted with both and currently use an Enfield


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                      I've recently read somewhere .... sorry, no links, statistics, ballistics or hard, cold facts .... that the .243 is a necked down .308 and is placed well among magnums in range and energy on the target .... Bayou Blaster is our resident expert on such matters and most often specifics right at hand.

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                        A 7mm has a longer range & hits harder. A 30-06 is easier to find.


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                          I own a 7mm and it has treated me good over the years but I am going to trade for 308 but if I had to choose I would choose 30.06 if you look at the shelf in walmart or bass pro their is a lot more variety and versatility in 30.06