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    Can't go wrong for the price! I have a 1943 91/30. It's fairly accurate and reliable as can be. I've shot several types of ammo through it including the Winchester and Prvi Partisan brass cased stuff. It seems to prefer the Russian spam can over everything. Some of that ammo is corrosive, but its not a problem if you run some windex down the bore after you're done for the day. These are military surplus, so you don't have to worry about a knock-off.


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      The particular model of Mosin-Nagant matters little - condition is much more important. I am leery of ordering them online, as I like to inspect before buying. I learned much since getting my first one about ten years back - a Finn M39 that is a beauty..... but it's got a badly pitted bore. Shoots patterns. I call her "the Prom Queen with Bad Teeth"! However, she does do much better with the 204 grain SP loads - likes her bon-bons on the heavy side!
      Most of my Mosins tend to like the Heavy Ball over the Light Ball. So I am handloading a 180 grain Sierra Spitzer .311 that does pretty well too.
      Nice thing is, the Mosins are generally inexpensive enough to be able to have several.


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        My frst gun was a 91/30 took a week to clean it up with all the stuff on it, even gas could not get all of it clean. But you are right. Throw it in the mud pick it up and you can shot it. Cleaning is pretty easy. You can even run a ram 250pick up truck over one and it will still shoot. (Did that on accident)

        The only problems is the ammo - you should clean it every time you come back from the range and when shooting it the blast will start a fire if you are not careful. I do have rules that are common sense and you should adopt them for your self in some form.

        Rule #1 Every weapons is loaded unless I clear it personally.
        Rule #2, Always look over all your ammo before you load/shot any weapon.
        Rule #3 When moving off the firing line even for one minute clear and lock your bolt to the rear.
        Rule #4 When the all clear is done, be sure all shooters are off line, before anyone (ANYONE) goes down range!!!!
        Rule #5 Pick all the brass. Someone will want it to reload even if you do not.

        I got my local gun club to adopt these rules and since then business has gone up and no one has been hurt is over 5 years.


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          This is great timing on this thread! My husband and I just purchased one. It's the Russian surplus kind, cheap (though the ammo is not) and was one of those well why not purchases. It's in good shape, and the rifling looks great. I loved seeing the feedback! We have no great hopes for this one, but I loved it for some reason. It's only a few inches shorter than me though, lol. Looking forward to shooting it. We found ammo from Dunham's at a reasonable price-not the spam can (although we're going to get some of that) but the kind in the brass casings.
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            You sure can't beat them for the price, that's for sure. And I have a boatload of stripper clips, so reloads are pretty darned quick for an old geezer. Going hunting with it this year. I do, however, want to find a solid scout scope mount for it. Will update progress on that.