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Mosin Nagant

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  • Mosin Nagant

    Anyone own a mosin nagant by Century Arms International? I was looking at buying one because they are so cheap. ($89 in my area) but I dont want to end up with a shitty knock-off. It's definitely not a pretty gun, but i'm more interested in accuracy and reliability. also if the old 7.62x54R "spam can" ammo is any good.

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    not pretty...

    go bang on a regular basis....

    will kill a deer in 100 yrds....

    canned ammo for corrosive...
    Live like you'll die tomorrow, learn like you'll live forever.


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      Have had a mosin, but not by century arms. I like them good dependable rifle.


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        Thanks for the input.


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          ive got 1930's russian surplus mosin, love it, great rifle, but you have to be careful with ammo, spam can ammo is usually pretty good, but watch out for wax paper ammo, also like mentioned above it is VERY corrosive, clean it regularly, but all in all a great weapon there is a reason the soviets used it as a sniper for over 50 years
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            I have owned a few through the years they are a good reliable weapon fun to shoot i mostly end up giving one away to some one who is new to shooting and likes shooting it. the gun is a good first gun to learn shooting on iron sights are very good and @ 100 yrds can be relied on to be fairly accurate.


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              Replace the (dot) with a .

              Very funny read on the AK vs. M16 vs. Mosin.
              Buy a Mosin, best bang for the buck Literally.
              Don't worry about the Century name. They are the importer, not the maker of Mosins with their name on them.


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                I have two, a '39 and a '44. Love to shoot them both. My '44 has iron ladder sights that go to 1000meters. I am in the process of turning my '39 into a cheap sniper rifle. I replaced the barrel with a newer one with much better rifling. Replaced the iron sights with a 3-10x44mm BSA scope. Put a muzzle brake on the new barrel, does miracles with barrel rise. Purchased but haven't installed a folding bi-pod that is 6"to 18" high.

                I got the scope on a closeout special for 30.99 (regular 189), barrel for 70, muzzle brake for 5, and bipod for 15 used from a buddy. So for 120 bucks, which is 70 more than I paid for the weapon, I got a pretty decent long range gun. I can consistently hit a 6"x6" target out to 250 yards now. Can't wait to go visit my uncle in September and go out to his 500 yard range that he has set up in the old cow pasture.

                As for the canned ammo, both ball and AP, it is good ammo. You just need to clean your weapon after shooting since it is corrosive. I put about 100 rounds a month through my Mosins each month, due to cheap ammo, and ALWAYS clean them afterwards.
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                  I have an M38 and I love it. I just cleaned it all up, cleaned/smoothed out the action a little and it shoots like a dream. It is now my designated "deer getter" and it functions flawlessly, no matter what crap ammo I run through it, and is surprisingly accurate even with my old eyeballs. Keep it clean and practice and you'll have a good, servicable rifle for life. And I re-emphasize others when I say clean it thoroughly after shooting spam can ammo. I prefer the M38 over others simply because it is a lot handier, that is not to say there is any thing wrong with the M44 or the 91/30s. If I had any complaints about the M38 it would be in low light, the muzzle flash is quite spectacular!


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                    I've had a few of them as well. The carbines have a pretty good recoil as well, just ask my shoulder after a day of shooting...My current Mosin is a New England Westinghouse, it's like carrying a 12ft extention ladder in the woods, but it is very accurate. Most Mosins shoot real high at a 100 with iron sights. You'll need to fix that issue if you get one. There's plenty of info on how to do it cheap.


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                      just bought my first mosin at a gun show. absolutely love it.


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                        i picked up a carbine never issued for $100 about three years ago. Without adjustments it hit ten inch plates at 130+ yards with 174gr Brown Bear. The heavier 203gr hit just below the target though. Next trip to the range i may have time to shoot paper to gauge its real potential.


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                          I have 2 of these one is the short one and one is th long one and I love to long one best . Good guns .
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                            I have had an M44 and currently have an M38 and, as I said, they are both surprisingly accurate. I use the M38 as my "brush gun." Around here you rarely, if ever, get a shot over 150-200 yards. At 100 yards, off-hand, I was consistantly hitting a 2 liter soda bottle (I picked up its carcass when I was done). That's good enough for me. I know I can hit a target (two-legged or four) in the boiler room at a fair distance, it is utterly reliable, and packs a pretty good wallop. In my mind, dollar for dollar, you can't beat them. I purchased mine with lots of ammo for $100. You can't beat that.


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                              "At 100 yards, off-hand, I was consistantly hitting a 2 liter soda bottle"

                              Thats not too bad for an old service rifle. I used to have an old, Lee-Enfield No4 MK1, that shot 6-7 MOA groups at 100 yds. And that was after I free floated the barrel! So needless to say, I've been a little leery of getting another mil-surp rifle. But I'm definitely going to look into getting one of these.