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Committed adultery and it paid off

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  • Committed adultery and it paid off

    I've always liked to have a .44 Mag in my collection. I've had several and always ended up selling or trading for something I wanted more. With things being what they are I went with the intent of adding another to my list. I have always been a Smith and Wesson 29 or 629 type of guy. Maybe its the cop in me that wants to carry Dirty Harry's weapon of choice. I've had Ruger Blackhawks and thought they were too light and had too much flip when fired. I like the way the S&W 8 3/8 inch barrels shoot but they are difficult to conceal. I had a 4 inch Smith and I really like it but it was rough on the hands even with the rubber grips. Anyway, I went to the store and looked at a Smith Mod 629 with a 6 or 7 inch barrel. I really liked it but we could not agree on price. Beside it was a Ruger Redhawk in stainless with a 4 inch barrel and the price was right. Hmmmm, it was a .44, but it was not a Smith and I was sure that Dirty Harry would not have carried it. It was big and heavy and it was a Ruger and I knew it was going to have that darn flip that I hated. The handle was much thicker than a Smith and it was comfortable I had to admit. I thought and studied on it for a long time standing there. I finally decided to buy the darn thing and figured I could always sell or trade it later. I swear I felt like I was being unfaithful to my wife buying that Ruger instead of the Smith. What would Harry think? Well, I went out Saturday to shoot it. I sat up a cup that I found in the trash can on a 4 X 4 post. I stepped off 25 ft. and got a good grip on this Ruger that I had little confidence in. I got a good sight picture and squeezed the trigger and the cup disappeared. It felt good and there was no flip in this heavy revolver. I thought the accuracy was just a lucky shot on my part so I looked in the trash and found a beer bottle and went back to my spot 25 ft away and boom, the thing disappeared. I continued to shoot both with one hand and two hand grips and was just simply amazed. I'm sorry Harry but I have found another love. I hope that we can still be friends.:confused:

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    I know all about the flip with the rugers. Pop has a super redhawk in 44 mag with the 7.5 inch barrel. when shooting 240gr semi-jacketed hollow-points that thing throws me all over the place! Dont get me wrong whenever i turned a pumpkin into goo and destroyed skeet their was always a big grin on my face! congratulations on the new .44! pics anytime soon?
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