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  • mosin nagant

    Im looking into adding a scope any one out there ever add a scope and what is the best mount and scope?? help thanks guys for your input

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    I'm far from a gun expert but it would depend on what your Nagant looks like. There are so many sporterized versions out there it's hard for anyone to suggest a scope without seeing what gun you have..


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      There are 3 common ways to scope a mosin;
      1. Get a scoped to start with or an aftermarket or repo (now even original) mount and scope. They require some mods to the stock and 2 drilled and tapped holes. Worked for russians.
      2. Remove rear sight and put in aftermarket scope kit. Requires bent bolt or for $45 you can get the kit with everything, including drill bit. My local gunsmith charged $50 to do it all, bolt and scope.
      3. Have receiver tapped and rail mounted. Custom job so above are best.

      Hope it helps. Search eBay for parts or Sarco (Samco, J&G or CCDN) Inc for parts, mounts.


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        Sorry I am off topic but I got some stripper clips for my Mosin today. I cannot wait to use them.

        I have been thinking about putting a scope on one of my two Mosins


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          You guys got me thinking, so I've been looking to buy a few (5) more. Talking to the big 3 importers and trying to find some 5 fer deals, everyone is going up $10 bucks or so. If you want one or more, pick one up. Prices going up and some nice quality pieces are coming in. I think they are going to be going away as the cheap guns. I remember just 3 years ago I bought my first mosin and can of ammo for under $100. Heck 1k radway green was $129 too. Times are changing, don't miss out on them. Buy 2, and shoot the heck out of them. Mine are mostly collectors but I still enjoy the flame ball from firing one. Machine gun ammo is hotter, kicks more, and can almost blind you, but it sure kicks ass!