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Remington 770

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  • Remington 770

    Has anyone tried the Remington 770. I have one in .300 win mag. and I love it . no I can't hit a silver dollar at 1000 yards but any thing with in 300 yds. is on the ground. For the money to me it isn't a bad buy . although I will be getting a 700 asap . I just want something that can reach out there and touch someone. maybe in a .308 or a .338 cal.

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    i have the 700 in .270, using nosler ballistic tips, silver tips, it will reach out there.


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      The 770 is the same as the 700, with the exception that some parts in the action of the 770 are made of plastic. There is not anything wrong with that. To me the reliability may become an issue. The 700 action is near bullet proof and where I live about $50 more than the 770. But it is a good option if needed, and function is all but identical to the 700.
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        i got an 30/06 i clicking right at 500 yards without an issue i dont need anymore than that but yea i likie mine it aint as gtood as my mossberg but im partial to my mossys anyhow
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