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  • New Scope

    So I picked up a new scope to try out and figured I'd see what you guys think. It's a Horus vision scope 3-12 x 50 and so far I like it. I threw it on a dpms 308 and what turned me on about it was the features it provides. It takes a minute to get it setup but seems proficient.

    It uses usmc mil-dot formula and has a inverted L as a built in range finder. It comes with a software program to set in your ballistic coefficiency, bullet wieght, bore hieght from scope, muzzle velocity, altitude, temp, yada, yada to accuratly print out a range card for your stock. I did like the built in range finder so a guy didnt have to use some other external range finding device or 'guess'. The only downside I see is there is a bit of math involved to do on the fly which a guy could get used to with practice.

    They have a demo on their website which kinda runs ya through a game how to use it. I think I played it like 10 its kinda fun. But anyway give me your thoughts if anyone is familiar with or read anything about these.

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    Give us a full review after you've run 200 or more rounds through it. Thanks!


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      Will do nakadnu! I'm afraid I'm gonna have to buy some quality ammo for the longer shots. All I have for the 308 are those 147 grain 'battle packs' surplus ammo. The rifle only seems to put out 2.5-3 MOA with that. I havent put a better trigger in it either yet so that might be factor, you know how those stock AR triggers are. Viva la Montana, where the men are men and the sheep are


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        If your 308 is anything like a 5.56 AR you need heavier bullets to gain optimum accuracy.


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          I agree. I'm gonna try some 168 and 180 grain but I suspect the 168 will be the best but will try both. I bought a few thousand rounds of that 147 grain cuz it was cheap but doesnt do much for Once I find out what she likes to eat I'll start playing with ranges I figure. That scope should be fun to dial in, hopefully it lives up to the advertising!