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crossbows anyone?

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  • crossbows anyone?

    I'm disabled after a post operative infection and can't draw a regular bow and hold it. In New Hamp. where if ur disabled and the Dr. writes u a letter u can hunt with a crossbow during bow season . I just bought a Barrnett Jackal crossbow to go hunting with . Let me tell u that thing is some fast 315 ft. per second u pull the trigger and the arrow hits the target with a distinct slap .Nothing like a compound bow .I've got my permit need to get my lic. for bow hunting ,already been practicing also makes one hell of a weapon up to about 60-70 yds still hits hard through a foam target and through 1 bail of hay and 1/2 the next bail almost as good as a rifle

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    just started the crossbow researching.... its now on the list.


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      I have a Barnett Commando, that my dad had when I was a kid. It's different in the fact that you cockit to pull the string back. Since we moved it just sits in a case because I have no where to shoot it, but it is pretty awesome for a bow.
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        I'm in the market for a crossbow this year as well. Awesome weapons with the added benefit of being extremely quiet :)Ive heard really good things about the Excalibur Phoenix. ( I really like the recurve style crossbows more than the compound versions. More old school and simpler, in other words less breakable parts. Ill stock up on a handful of extra bowstrings for it and vacuum seal them, and a bunch of quality bolts, and Ill be set up with a formidable hunting tool for many many years :)


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          Thanks for the link, I watched all of the videos, good stuff!
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