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    Originally posted by prkchp76 View Post
    boggy boy i am truly sorry i did not mean to come off the wrong way i just don not like the remington i would rather have a savage first no offense please i'm sure a remington is good but here in sc mossberg has many more asscories but i guess it's all user choice heell i thought you was gonna have it out with me like we did over the high points heheheheh
    No offense taken my friend. It's your personal choice and preference of firearms. While I might not agree I respect everyone here regardless of their choice of firearms. Not everyone will agree with me either. I just highlight things I've personally seen or witnessed for the benefit of other readers here. Helps us all to make better informed decisions. I also try and bring a common no non-sense approach to my post or responses. BTW while I'm not a Hi-point handgun fan, I won't fault the carbine version mechanically for what it is. I still don't think they serve well in an S&P senario. I won't get into that as I've written about it before. You'd be better served with an intermediate cartridge (.223/5.56 x 45 6.8 Rem, 7.62 X 39 etc). We are good my friend.
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