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Shooting Range from time to time anyone...?

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  • Shooting Range from time to time anyone...?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm here in charlotte, nc and wanted to see if someone would like to meet up at a shooting range probably in matthews to shoot handguns/learn more about guns/talk about whatever.

    Just wanted to toss it out there as I'm new to handguns and need to catch up to speed like yesterday. :cool:
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    How much does Shooters Express cost for the range? That is the one you are talking about right? Eagle Gun in Concord is building a shooting range right now. Im down for a meet every once in a while. What kind of gun do you have? Where at in Charlotte do you live? Im not asking for you address, just a round about place so we can figure out a place to meet and all.


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      I'm jealous! Have fun, guys!
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        I usually shoot on my land but would be willing to check out any of the local ranges. A change of scenery cant hurt.


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          Hey fellas,

          Great to see a few replies. Yes I'm talking about the range in matthews Firepower Inc
          1200 Industrial Drive, Matthews, NC 28105-5306.

          Only one I know of, as I live just off of Lake Wylie on the NC side of the boarder. It cost roughly $16.00 per hour per person to use the range I believe as I havn't been before. Infact I'm looking to buy my first piece which will be a Glock 19 9mm and also a Berretta storm px .45. But I would like to meet up anywhere really and let some rounds go and b.s a bit.

          Take it easy and anyone feel free to p.m any shooting details.
          The game of the New World Order is playing out at hand...Be ready with your plan!!!