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    Originally posted by monet861 View Post
    I have 2 Lew Horton S & W revolvers. One is a 629(.44 mag) stainless with a 4" barrel that shots about an 8 foot flame with each shot and the other is a 686 (.357 mag.)with the 2 1/2 " barrel. They are both fun to shoot, but if the target is more than 5 feet away, you may not hit it. My dad refers to them as belly guns.
    With all due respect my friend ........& please dont take this personal......either theres something wrong with those weapons that they BOTH cant hit a target 5' out (I assume your exaggerating a touch) either that or your firin with your eyes closed.
    Be Not Afraid


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      I have a ruger super redhawk in 480 with a 7.5" barrel I use for bear hunting.I like it better than my 44mag,more control.The 480 pushs back more than the sharp barrel flip of a 44mag.I shoot hornady 375g jacketed HPs


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        would an ar15 pistol count(i know small caliber,but still?) i have been kicking around building one in 50 beowulf(but don't have the equiptment to shorten the alexander arms barrel,10.5 is the shortest they manufacture).have been told it will kick like hell,but it would be neat!