Wanted to share what I thought on this holster. It is small and just the right size for the gun. It provides a waterproof barrier between my sweaty body and the gun. It is very different from my Blackhawk Serpa level II. The Blackhawk is an awesome outside carry and I will never get rid of it, but this inner waistband holster is great. I can ride down the road in my car with my seatbelt on without a problem. Now if you look up a picture of it, you can tell that it does not go far into your pants which is a plus and a negative. The plus side is you can get a very good grip on it, the negative is that it is higher up and shows a good mark on your shirt. I guess this really depends on your gun to though. I have an XD subcompact and I don't expect much more concealment from a big gun like that. It is very comfortable and I even forget having it on.