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Could you if you had to?

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  • Could you if you had to?

    well this is weird subject, and i hope to never have face this in a real life situation its just something that ran through my mind. Its a slow thurdays night im on the comp and wife is reading, we hear a knock at the around 7:30pm and i look outside and there is a fellow standing outside with a van in a suit.(i just dont open the door for anyone,wife calls me crazy) I reply with after his doorknock may i help you, No response. At this point hk .45 goes away and mr.870 comes out, and i ask again may i help you, again no response. Well at this point ive had enough and racked my shotgun to see what the problem was. And to feel like an ass, it was just a member of the local church wanting us to join. But the only reason i bring this up is would you hurt another human being that was trying to hurt you or your family. I would no questions asked cause some people just refuse to defend them thelves and there familys and damn if im not tired on innocent people being killed.
    Honey its just the cats, Put that @#$%ing thing away!

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    I think that I would without hesitation. But, that remains to be seen. I have never killed anyone or ever had to brandish a weapon to stop an intruder. I have had some hard times in my life. One thing I learned from it all is that you never know what you are capable of until you run out of choices.
    I think commiting the act would be a hard choice, dealing with the aftermath would be harder yet.


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      The answer to your question is simple, "peace through superior firepower".


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        Survival of the Fittest

        I was returning home one night many years ago on a date with my future wife. Some idiot behind me decided to start screwing with me by riding my bumper, honking his horn and flashing his high beams. This went on for several miles, so I decided to pull off the road and let this fool go on by. Well he decided to be Billy Bad Ass, and swirve in front of me and stop. I saw him get out of his car . So my one stupid move was to get out but not from behind my drivers side door. I had tucked my 357 in my right hand just in case this fool came at me. When he approached the my car I could smell liquer on his breath. He was sreaming and acting like a fool. His reached back in his car and pulled a baseball bat out , and decided to come at me. I pulled the pistol and cocked it in his face just as he was about to swing at me. I could see genuine fear of death in his eyes . I told him to get back in his car and go home. ........Sure I can do it!


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          I have only used my concealed weapon once, and did not have to fire it, but I was perfectly willing to fire it if need be. The group
          of attempted robbers immeadiatly turned and left so I fortunately never had to find out.
          My weapon can kill, it isn't limited to mere assault