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Looking for a good IWB holster.

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  • Looking for a good IWB holster.

    Anyone want to share on experience with iwb holsters? I am not a huge fan of leather, but I dont think I want a hard chunk of plastic in my side. I also dont want to pay for a holster as much as I pay for the gun.

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    I put a red dot on the bottom of my XD-40 and then I could not find a good holster anymore. At the Charlotte Gun show there was a stand in there that sold iwb holsters made out of neoprene and some other stuff. Very nice. He told me he would make a holster for it for 65 bucks. You can look at there website.... to see their holsters. Pretty comfortable and exactly what I needed.


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      Awesome. Can you conceal it well with the laser on it?


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        My wife had a Crossbreed IWB holster. She didn't much care for it(didn't really work with her wardrobe), but i thought it was comfortable. Had liitle trouble concealing full size 1911 under a T shirt.
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          I chose a Blackhawk plastic paddle holster with a push button release. It is adjustable and Ill give more feedback as soon as I wear it around for a few days.


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            Well I do like the Blackhawk Serpa CQC holster a lot, but now Im looking for a conceal carry holster. Im looking at the Crossbread Super Tuck Deluxe. What are the pros and cons with the horse hide rather than leather? I read their FAQs and it looks like due to the fact that I sweat a lot, I should go with the horse hide. Any cons with the horse hide?


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              I've had the super tuck deluxe and am very happy with it. Seems to get more comfortable the more you wear it. Only down side I have found to IWB holsters is having to step up in pants size one or two steps. I also have their OWB which I am also very happy with.


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                My problem with my current IWB holster (which is from N82 Tactical and is nice) is the fact that I bought some jeans off the internet and come to find out they are supposed to sit low on the waist so I think I need to get some good Levis instead.


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                  Well a little feedback for you guys. After wearing the N82 tactical around for a while, I would say it is a very comfortable holster. They guy that sold it to me told me it was the most comfortable you will find. I am happy with it. I wear it about four oclock on my side and for the most part it is hidden. I think it would be very hard to hide the xd, but it does ok. If the gun sat a little lower in the holster, it would be more hidden. The other thing I don't like about it is the fact that it is nearly impossible to reholster it without unbuckling your belt and dropping the pants a little. I am happy with it and it is comfortable. I would like to check out the supertux one day, but for about $40 I am happy.