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M-14 - What's the current price-point?

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    I was raised on the 1903A3
    My first semi-rifle was an M-1 Garand
    Then I got a M-14 in the US army
    Then I was raped with an M-16
    I loved my M-2 Carbine
    The big thing here is who is supplying your ammo?
    Can you afford to feed your rifle?
    Do you honestly belive that there will be a resupply? That no-one will sieze all ammo stores? Even impose a death sentance on ammo smugglers?(yet let drugs through freely?).
    What is your worst concept of the Gestapo?
    Magnify that by 10, and you may live a week. It is an enviroment that is toxic to any form of liberty. PPL thjat have not donned the robes of abject slavery will stand-out like a flare in a Thermal Vision Goggle!
    Your very life will depend on your ability to discard firearms and all other forms of self defence at a moments notice. to wash your body with Critric acid based clensers and exit a tiny safe area into the main stream, unbothered, controled by a seperate intelect
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    The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.