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Help with buying a new gun and our big brother government

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  • Help with buying a new gun and our big brother government

    I need some help, I have never purchased a new gun and decided to go to the Charlotte gun show
    this past weekend and just buy me one, ok I picked me out two worked out a price and filled out some paper work but I was told I was "ON HOLD" At that point I remembered about two to three years ago I went to one of the "big box" stores to buy a pump shot gun and was "on hold". I have never went back to the big box store and the vendor at Charlotte said that could be messing me up.

    Can anyone here tell me what I can do? I have a clean record and should have no problem buying a gun. Is there somewhere I can call or write to find out why I am "on hold" This fustrates the heck out of me and the real stupid part is the pump shot gun I wanted from the big box store? I went to a local flea market handed the man cash and walked out, did and done.

    I understand we need rules and laws but I have only had one speeding ticket and that was 15 years ago
    I am as clean as clean can get. What should I do keep trying to buy the legal way or start hitting the flea market again for a rifle?

    Thanks in advance

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    The last rifle I bought was from a a popular sport chain in Charlotte, (initials are D.I.C.K.S) -- Had to fill out the paperwork, all went well, but I did feel a little uneasy having to give it all up for a cheap .22 (that constantly jams, BTW) -- so I have since decided that I won't buy anymore "new -- cheap" guns... so the flea market plan sounds better to me for several reasons. Course gun shows are full of good old guns. Not sure what the deal is with private sellers at gun shows (selling w/o all the paperwork), seems I remember a news story a while back concerning just that, they called it a "loophole", I call it a private transaction. I would investigate the "hold" you have, wouldn't want any red flags out there... make it go away.

    Added reference for loophole:
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      Thanks hubste5,
      I did not see any individuals selling at the Charlotte show all I saw was dealers, I did see some folks walking around with guns for sale on their backs. The two I wanted were new a Sagia 308-1 and a Sagia 12.

      One lesson I have found out is never name your kids after yourself or in my case after grandpa, I have been told multiple names will trigger a "HOLD" and with my grandson there are 4 of us named exactly the same name I am the II my son is the III and the grandson is the IV.

      Surely there is an appeal process to legally get me cleared to make a purchase.


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        I made a private purchase at the charlotte gun show just over a year ago. I paid cash for a rifle right of a gentleman's back and have no regrets at all. Any gun from a vendor with a table requires paperwork (and I believe pistols can only be purchased in your own state). But anything you buy from an individual person-to-person does not require any paperwork (except in CA). Cash transactions person-2-person are my favorite way of buying and not leaving a paper trail. However, beware of vendors who offer to step out into the parking lot to sell you a gun "person-to-person" or "off the record". This is illegal and law enforcement watches for this!

        As for the "On Hold" status, I would try and reach the FBI field office in charlotte as they maintain the instant background check system. They should be able to track down the problem and help you get it sorted out. FYI if you have ever had a government security clearance that could be causing the problem.


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          I saw one sale in the parking lot and did ask one vendor if he would make a cash sale but got scolded, the vendor informed me that ALL vendors must do the paper work, I have no problem with that, its this on hold thing I want help getting removed.

          I have had several levels of gov clearences in the past, I did not think that would hold me up, it should help??

          Another friend of mine has told me to go get my CWP and the vendors will use that and the background check from the CWP class will get the HOLD status removed. Thanks for the tip to the FBI, But I hate the idea of contacting the man even if I am squeeky clean, its bad when you feel like a clean honest hard working american and you can't even buy a stinking shotgun and a freaky looking dude with purple hair is waking off with a ak 47. well ok a sagia 12 is not your average shotgun but I wanted it.

          Thanks again for the help, I do want the hold removed from my name. and mabe this post can help someone else in the same situation.



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            I did the same thing at a show once and got scolded too. They are pretty strict about that. But I guess they have to be or they lose their license and get shut down.

            My dad used to have gov clearance and it has been causing annoyances for years. You aren't on hold b/c of any problems. Last time they explained it to us like this; when you go to buy a gun basically what happens is your dealer calls in and they run your name through the computer. The Instant Background Check database includes felons, mental patients, and for some reason people who ever held a security clearance. Your name isn't flagged as being uneligible for purchase, but since your name comes up at all it takes extra time for them to pull up your file and make sure you aren't a felon. This Instant system is only instant if your name isn't in the computer at all.

            Last time it took them about 3 days to figure out my Dad was ok. We just left the gun at the store and they called us back when it all went through. Of course you can't do this at a box store, but explain your situation and most gun shops wouldn't have any problem just holding your purchase until the paperwork goes through.

            A CWP is pretty much the trump card for gun buying. This counts as all the ID/license/permits you need to buy longguns or handguns and negates the need for the instant background check. You're basically pre-approved. It will probably take longer than usual for your CWP to be approved but after that any other purchases will be much easier.

            P.S. If you are concerned about leaving records with The Man, a CWP probably leaves a much longer paper trail then just calling the FBI office.


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              If you want no hassles and no paperwork, buy one out of the classified ads, pay cash, and it's totally untraceable.