Today I tried the Bushnell Trophy 1 X MP, a red/green dot sight dressed-up to look like an ACOG weapon sight.
Despite it's appearance the Bushnell is not rubber coated, the body consists of 2 alloy castings and a picatinny/weaver mount there are rudimentary fixed sights cast into the sight body, the sight is not overly heavy. The sight consists of 1X32 optics with illuminated red/green 'T-Dot' reticles tied to a multi-position rheostat to control brightness. The Reticle is a dot inside a "T".
I mounted the sight on my 10/22 and without setting the sight to the rifle's POI took it out to my Scrapyard Shoot n' Scoot range. The weather was dry and overcast, targets were at 50 yards. I quickely discovered that the T-dot was a bit low but by using the space between the dot and the center 'leg' of the 'T' I could hit my targets.
The selling price of this unit is $150. not bad concidering the price of an ACOG or quality TAC scope is several toimes higher today.
The scope appears to be rugged but don't expect me to use it as a hammer to find-out.
The scope was bright and the reticle was very fast. The dot appears to be the perfect size for small game or longer shots and the 'T' helps at shorter ranges, I like it better than the various circle and dot arrangements I've used in the past. The brightness settings were positive and adjusted from barely visable for night work to very bright. The green dot setting is intended for low/no light and does not show well in daylight.
The mount is quite solid and attached securely onto my 10/22's weaver base. The sight is easily used with booth eyes open, important for situational awareness.
When looking through the Bushnell I could easily see my 10/22's front sight, I found this co-whitness to be very convienent as even with the reticle turned off I could aim and fire by looking through the sight. The sight performed well and I will use it on rim fire and center fire firearms.
the owners manual included is that for a Bushnell 1X28 sight a completely different product!
The fixed sights cast into the sight's body are mostly for show being far too high to be of better effect than looking trough the sight even with the reticle turned off.
The custom molded lens covers included with the sight fall off at every oppertunity, a field expedient bungy cord thingy is a must.
A removeable sun shade would be a nice touch but one could be easily fabbed-up in a home shop.
That is pretty much it, I like the product.
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