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Saiga - 12!!! The Walking Claymore.

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  • Saiga - 12!!! The Walking Claymore.

    Picked mine up this past summer at a gun shop in Wilmington, NC. Went in there for a bipod for my AR, and there it was. I love youtube and I have seen the video's on the web where the Saiga is decimating cars, pumpkins, pallets, and anything else that gets in its way. My biggest selling point was the show on Spike "Deadliest Warrior." It pitted the green beret's vs the spetnaz and they pitted either a remington or mossberg pump vs the saiga. It wasnt close. The shotgun is lighter than my AR, and outfitted with a adjustable stock and pistol grip. It is a mean mofo. I did not get a chance to shoot my new beastly weapon until hunting season rolled around. It was a thing of sheer beauty. At 70 yards the "BBB" that I was shooting had a spread of about 3 ft. That is 27 slightly larger than bb's for a bb gun flying down range, per cartridge. Then add in the HI-Cap mags. I purchased 2 promag 10 round magazines. They were awesome. I now plan on selling my wife's AR (or saving it for barter) and outfitting her with 4 more mag's. The gun has not jammed ever! If you are ing the market for a shotgun, then the Saiga is the one to buy. Literally it could be a walking claymore. I hope to win the lottery so that I can actually afford the 30 round drum for it, but if I The only drawback that I had is that I had to adjust (i.e. dremel) a couple of spots on the hi-cap Magazines to have them fit just right. We have a pseudo armorer in our group reminds me of the professor from gilligan's island. He can fix anything.

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    I have been looking at those...they looked sweet. Now that you have had the chance to field test and seem to like it, I think it is time to add one to my collection.
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      I was going to get rid of my Saiga, but after reading this thread I'll be keeping it. THanks for saving me from making a bad decision.


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        I want to get one, been looking for a good deal on one. Barkingowl, if you decide to make that "bad decision" and sell yours, let me know