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  • Gun trade

    I traded my Lhama .45 auto for a Remington 30-06 recently. The rifle looked very good. I got the thing home and started to clean it ( I do every gun I buy this way- new or used- I'm kind of picky). I spent a better part of 2 hours cleaning the thing- inside and out. The outside look spotless, but the inside was....DAMN! How do people let there weapons get like this? UNREAL! The scope on it was cheap and very old, which is ok cause I was going to put my own on it anyway. It is a sportsman 78 with a wood stock. I checked the model out with Remington and got the history on this particular rifle. I also took it to a local gunsmith who looked at it and said that I had gotten a good deal, especially since I had cleaned it up so nice. I have not yet been able to see how it shoots. The gunsmith told me that people have bought them to have as a second rifle or have turned them into exceptional target rifles with a little gunsmithing work. So, now I have to decide if I want to keep it and spend money to make a tack driver out of it or keep it as is for a trader rifle down the road. Decisions, decisions. What would you all do and have any ideas as to what to trick out on it? Parts are limited for this rifle. It is kin to the 700, but will not interchange parts.

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    If its not up to your standard i would sell it off and save up for the 700 or something along those lines that you can gets parts for etc. seems like everyone is going the way of the 700 so parts and upgrades are everywhere. that is just my opinion tho.