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What ammo should I use in the Mosin Nagant

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  • What ammo should I use in the Mosin Nagant

    I bought a M 91/30 Mosin Nagant about 2 months ago and have been shooting 207 grain rounds out of it and can get about 2.5 inch groups. Should I be using a lighter round or is the 207 grain round best

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    You should try some lighter bullets as the original loading in 1909 was a 150 grn. A lighter bullet may shoot better, it all depends on what the twist rate is in your particular rifle.
    A recomended hand load is 49 grns of 3031 w /150grn bullet and will produce about 2800FPS
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      ive yet to try it in mine, but I've heard of outstanding results with the sierra matchking hollow points. they make them in a 168 grain