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Used 870 police magnum

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  • Used 870 police magnum

    Well i ran in to a good deal i could not pass up. A coworker of mind had a what hes considers used remington 870 police magnum. It looks brand new except a few handling marks. Got it for 250.00. I already have one police magnum with surefre forend, one point sling plate, one point sling and side saddle. Im thinking about just putting on a plane ol pistol grip. It currently has a speedfeed stock. What do you guys think??
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    I have 2 870's set-up with speed feeds and single point slings. I also have a pistol grip I once mounted and found it to be atrocious to fire, also the gun was completely unballanced. You need a verticle foregrip as well as the pistol grip to have any sembalance of control of a shotgun. the pistolgrip has been laying in a drawer for a decade or more!
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      Thats what ive been reading. Starting to look in another directions. Any ideas??
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