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CAI C93 rifles

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  • CAI C93 rifles

    I am looking to purchase one or two of these rifles, and has any one on here shot one, or own one?

    Yes I know Century has had "issues" in the past with the CETME rifles, I own one of the early ones they built, and one of the current production ones as well, so I am well versed in the issues with said rifles. However, I am wanting to get some first hand knowledge of the C93's prior to purchase, I already have about 15 magazines for them, from a 93 kit build I was starting to work on, and will probably buy the CAI rifle(s) prior to finishing my kit build, due to the cost of putting a H&K demil kit together myself.

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    There's a review on YouTube, and a few showing it being fired, Owner said he was very happy with the gun.
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