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Kel Tec 16C

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  • Kel Tec 16C

    I have just gotten access to Youtube and have seen vids of the kel tec 16C in 5.56 Nato.
    What do you guys think of it and what do they cost?
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    Thst is the link for the Kel Tec SU16 short barreled rifle.(BATF Classification)
    Price for rifle is 840 bucks


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      I have one of the SU-16C's and have had many people try to trade for it. It's pretty cool, but does have some disadvantages. The folding stock is nice and small, but when I shoot it, it does not feel real solid. also in the folded position only certain mags will fit. The built in bipod is a nice feature, but with the handguard open, the barrel is exposed and gets just a bit warm.

      All in all a decent rifle, but some of the features sound better than they are in my opinion.
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        I saw Nutnfancy's review on youtube, he said that the butstock locked-up tight but I had my doubts. The bipod feature is a waste of time IMHO, I think a tactical forend would be better and it seems that there is at least one after market forend offered now.
        I would prefer an after-market pistol grip but that may not be possible. With it's price, it does seem to be an alternative to a Mini or an AR, depending on local laws, though I doubt it will take much punishment in the field, it's size and weight are a big plus.
        The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.