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  • Floorplate??

    Hinged floorplate or blind floorplate?? Pros and cons of each:confused:
    Honey its just the cats, Put that @#$%ing thing away!

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    OK i'll bite, is it bigger then a bread box???


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      Rifle floorplate??
      Honey its just the cats, Put that @#$%ing thing away!


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        IMHO... Hinged.
        As Zombie Axe would say...
        "Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it is empty."


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          I think a blind system is less prone to failure over time. But a hinged is easier to unload and clear a malfunction.


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            C) detachable box.
            I have heard people that i respect argue that the blind floorplate cant come loose, get lost, etc.
            CTHULHU/Dagon 2012


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              Box magazine where available is first choice if you need more rounds and quick reloads but they stick down past the stock so they have their disadvantages also. Much harder to shoot prone or from bench rests with larger magazines. When shooting and you are limited to 3 rounds, why have one sticking out the bottom getting in the way?

              Hinged floor plate is a great choice if available. As already stated, easier to clear jams, quicker to unload, and easier to clean. Most military bolt actions were hinged. I have never had one snag and fall open, most are stiff and hard to open as they should be.

              Blind do work well, and can still be cleaned; just not as quick or easy. It does make for smoother lines on the rifle stock with less to snag on. Best choice if you are doing bench rest shooting or where things may snag.

              I don't think the blind would be less prone to failure over the time because the only extra parts are a pin in a hinge and latch to hold it shut. Under stress you may drop and dent the hinged cover, but I have never had one spill open on me, or break.