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Just back from Frontsight.

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  • Just back from Frontsight.

    My wife and I just returned from a 4 Day Defensive Handgun course at Frontsight. WOW! It was fantastic. The instructors and course are great. Class runs for at least 11 hours each day and on day includes a night shoot, that makes it a 14 hour day. I shot through 925 rounds over the 4 day course. The last two days, all of the shooting is done with the handgun concealed.

    I finished 3rd in the man-on-man competition and completed the skills assessment very well, I was two shots short of the 90th percentile. And that was with a gun I had never shot before, as my 1911 broke about an hour before the man-on-man started.

    We liked it so much, we both signed up for the First Family Legacy Membership and plan on going back at least one more time this year and twice if we can find the time.

    The end goal of the class is to be able to put a controlled pair in the thoracic cavity from a concealed carry position in 1.9 seconds at 3, 5, 7, 10 & 15 meters. You will also be able to put a single shot in the ocular cavity from the same distances in the same time from the same carry position.

    I was very impressed with the amount of time the spent drilling on how to clear malfunctions. We were able to draw from concealed, clear a type three malfunction and put a controlled pair in the thoracic cavity in 3 seconds.

    If you have the means, I highly suggest you look at Frontsight for rifle, shotgun or handgun training. They also offer Uzi and M16 (select fire), training.

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    Wow, thanks for the info, never heard of these folks. The 4 day rifle course looks fantastic even if it's a bit pricey and requires a trip to Las Vegas. Still, I might just sign up for the course this upcoming spring.


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      sounds fantastic, I am so revved-up that you had such a sucessful time!
      In my next life you get to be my body guard,lol!
      Let's hope that you can pass these skills on to others!
      Keep-up the good work, and don't forget the long-arm training!
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        Swizzeet! I was starting to think I was alone in this
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