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Safe Ammo Storage

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  • Safe Ammo Storage

    So I have a BOL that I want to start storing ammo at but there isn;t someone there to keep an eye on things (it's a house). Although there isn;t a history of house robberies in the area, you never know.

    Short of putting it underground is there a cost effective way to prevent it from being stolen if the house was robbed?

    I thought about getting cheapo gun safes and putting it in there... But if you go to cheapo on the safe does it just turn into a convenient ammo basket for the would be robber? And a good sized stash would require several small cheapo (not so cheapo anymore) safes.

    Any ideas on a cost effective way to store ammo safely?

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    Hide it well. Hide it in stair treads, walls, false panels behind cabinets, etc... What ever safe you have will not be safe enough. You said nobody is there to keep an eye on it. So, they have all the time they need to pry open a safe. Keep your stash out of sight.


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      Why don't you want to bury it? Nothing is safer than a well burried freezer.


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        You might try a Ninja trick called "hiding in plain sight". Get an old chest freezer. Fill it to one foot or so from the top with ammo. Fill it the rest of the way with rocks. Write "Jimmy's rock collection" on the side.
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          post it in thefloor joist if you have a crawl space or just bury it underneath the house
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            [Short of putting it underground is there a cost effective way to prevent it from being stolen if the house was robbed?]

            How much money, time and effort are invested in your stocks? How much time, money and effort will be required to replace your stocks. I use military surplus ammo cans, pvc pipe and tractor inner tubes sealed with Goop. Bury it and plant shrubbery on top of it.
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              Find a junker automobile, bury the ammo and put the junker on top (with a convient trap door in the floor.)
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                I can't add much to what you have rec'vd in advice the ideas are right on. The thing that you need to decide is the question of the effort you are willing to put into it. I would suggest you buy some Silica gel pacts to absorb humidity in the stored Ammo cannisters. MIDWAY has some I am sure others now where to buy them as well.
                I like the hide in plain site plan, I utilize this for valueables. I will add another piece to this for you in the event you haven't thought of it as of yet?
                That is as you collect these supplies many here strongly suggest "Caches". I strongly recommend this for guns and Ammo along with something for spending, ie gold, silver, cash not much but if you have to relocate hastily you have everything you need in a spot. Well except the lawyer. lol :D


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                  Along with the dessicant its a good idea to put an O2 absorbant in with your valuables. When you buy jerky there is a little packet that says "do not eat". This is the same thing as the little hand warmers you see. It absorbes O2 and prevents rust and spoilage. I recently inventoried and repacked some stuff. It was still "new" after 10 years. Military ammo storage boxes are great but someone recently decided to destroy them instead of offering them up to the public. Go figure.
                  Those who would trade freedom for security will end up with neither.


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                    great advice make sure to pack them well ziplock bags etc and something to take the moisture out. Some people vacum pack to keep the ammo protected.