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Low Light Essentials

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  • Low Light Essentials

    There is a website that I frequent called the "Box O' Truth".
    The guy that runs the site (Old_Painless) Is an avid firearms enthusiast with a wealth of information on just about any gun you could think of. (Not unlike our own Bayou Blaster)
    The site gets it's name from a box that OP constructed to hold water jugs and dry wall for unofficial ballistics tests. The site contains many articles with home grown methods of myth busting, and ammunition testing.
    The latest article was written by John_Wayne777 from, on lowlight training, and aids.
    I thought it was a pretty good article and thought I should share with you people as well as use the opportunity to introduce you to the Box O' Truth.


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    Having been through the Surefire Institute's Lowlight Operators Instructor course, I agree that is a good article. There is a lot of truth in the article. I personally prefer to use XS Big Dot night sights on my pistols, they are awesome. Insight technologies makes excellent lights and make some of them rechargeable even which is a big plus considering the price little batteries cost!


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      Our monthly group of shooters has wanted for quite awhile to do some type of night shoot...if for no other reason than too see how much flash signature our various firearms/loads produce
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