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Beretta Cx4 Storm

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  • Beretta Cx4 Storm

    If I had some extra cash layin around I think I might have to pick up one of these bad boys.... What do you guys think?
    I kinda like the way it looks and 9mm is cheaper than .223
    I've read pretty good things about them on the net but have never seen one and I don;t know anyone that has one.

    ~ Awesome ~

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    I’ve never really understood the allure of using a pistol cartridge in a carbine. The performance gains don’t justify its application over a carbine utilizing a rifle cartridge. Performance gains are slightly better than marginal in my opinion. I’m also not a big fan of shooting carbines that close to my face that are made of composites/polymers. Conventional materials retain the explosive force of a cartridge better. When selecting a firearm with S&P applications in mind, I look for robustness. Old school I guess.

    I have shot the Storm before in both the 9mm and 45 ACP versions. There is a 40 cal offering as well. I found them to be very accurate at normal pistol engagement zones; the added barrel length and sight picture contributing to both the accuracy and increased bullet velocity. I also found the 9mm more reliable than the 45 ACP variant. They are fun to shoot as well. They can be made to eject from either the left or right hand side.

    Obviously standoff distances are much shorter utilizing a pistol cartridge, additionally the pistol cartridge is at a noticeable/distinct disadvantage suppressing rifle fire or when employed for hunting. Because the magazine is retained in the pistol grip and the mag well is not large; it becomes more difficult to swap out mags while retaining the firearm in the shooting position (especially during stressful situations). I can see where it could be advantageous to law enforcement for room/building clearing purposes; where bullet over-penetration may be of concern. However affinity for this type of firearm may be misplaced in the S&P scenario.

    If I want to practice on the cheap I'll shoot my 22 LRs and every so often take out the heavy hitters to maintain proficiency. I can also shoot the SKS or AKS just as cheap if not cheaper than the CX-Storm. But if you got the money to burn enjoy.:)