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Rem 597

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  • Rem 597

    I had been looing at a 597 at Wally World for a couple of weeks waiting to see if they would get a 10-22 in. After doing a little research on the net reading the pros and cons I decided for $163 I would buy it. Took it to my shooting place and was surprised at it's accuracy and how well it functioned. It came with a syn camo stock and I added a 30rd bannana clip. My only complaint is that the 30rd clip will jam if I put in more than 25rds in it maybe it will break in and feed all 30. I also added a simmons cheapo scope with shoot through mounts and am going to give it a try today. I think I may have a really god smal game gun going here. Anybody else shooting one of these or have any thoughts.

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    Been looking...

    I haven't committed yet, but I have heard nothing but good things about them. How dirty is the action after a range session? What ammo did you shoot through it? I'd also like to hear how the scope works out. [If I get one I was thinking of topping it with a Bushnell 2.5x32mm] Sounds like a great purchase, happy hunting!


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      The action does'nt get any more dirty than my Marlin 60 does. I have shot several brands of ammo what ever I can buy cheep in bulk boxes with no trouble. Sighted the scope in at about 100' and not being a great marksman I was able to stay inside the 1" bullseye. At 100 yards I had about a 6" drop but still pretty tight. I am very happy with the rifle and it will go hunting with me.


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        My brother has one... and he treats it pretty harshly.... It still seems to do the job pretty well even with his lack of cleaning and gun care.
        ~ Awesome ~


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          Ive got one and its the best .22 ive had.


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            Love 'em

            While there isn't nearly the gizmos as the 10/22 available, it is a good reliable, crazy accurate .22. I've had both the 10/22 and the 597 and I like the 597 better. It's definitely bigger, though...


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              I woul suspect thAt the jAmming is because of your extended mag, does it have metal feed-lips?
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                Kind of the same thing.....

                I was at Wally World earlier in the year and decided I needed a cheap semi-auto rifle to practice with (in regard to my AR-15's).

                I knew I couldn't afford a conversion kit or a .22LR AR by itself so I decided to look at Wally. I ended up with a Savage 64 in lieu of the Marlin and am not unhappy with it.

                Mine came with the black syn stock and 1 10 rnd mag. A gun show brought me a spare mag, a pic rail (I mounted to the lower front), a pic adaptor for .22LR rifles so I now have a pic rail on top and mounted to this I have an NCStar mil reticle low power scope with a wide view. On the rail up front I put a bipod and a sling mount.

                I have pictures somewhere but it is super fun to shoot, really accurate within 75 yards and can function like a tac-rifle or sniper rifle (in mini version anyway). Best of all I can afford to shoot her.

                Good luck and have fun with your Marlin (now if they only made hi-cap mags for the 64 and an AR pistol grip stock for it........... hhmmmmmmmmm?)

                P.S. all always remember your gun safety


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                  I have a 10-22 I bought used 25 years ago. 5 years back I dropped in a trigger kit and mounted a big scope to shoot [email protected] yards. Now I'm turning it into a Tacticle Trainer with a tacticle stock and extended mags. Next year I might turn it into a bench rest rifle.
                  I would suggest you buy a used 10-22 and build what you want. Get one with the cast aluminium trigger guard.
                  The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.