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Clearance sale....?

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  • Clearance sale....?

    Well, we went to dicks sporting goods over in Hky today and they are having clearance sale on alot of gear including various firearms. Talked to the gun guys and they said they sold just under a thousand guns last year, They also stated that they expect to triple it this year due to the way the economy is going, and people seem to be going back to the land instead of buying frivolous junk. I spent a good 20-25 minutes standing there talking to them and they sold fifteen cartons of ammo, about half was handgun and the other was .223fmj.

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    Seeing the same thing here in the Triad MMan. Southern States just open a new store this spring in my area and were afraid they would fail. Now? "No-way" said the staff. They even decided to open for a few Sunday hours. "Seed and Feed and lots of questions". And while there are quite a few very large Dairies, green house growers and a few other farms in the area, most of his customers are the new "Subdivision Gardeners".
    Same thing at the local Food Lion.. People are buying the on sale "Staples" Coffee, Sugar, Flour in large amounts and all the other stuff; crackers, oil as well as long as it's two for one kinda of stuff. Starting to see limits on a lot of products. I am not seeing very much inflation as of yet. Not drastic anyway. Gas goes up a dime and then comes back.
    I believe alot of people are starting to realize that we have a real good chance of hitting the bad side of this economy very, very, soon. We'll see what the September brings us.
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      Yeah so far we have the largest garden in our neighborhood, but the aphids and fireants are horrendous. We are using chemical warfare on them though...sevin dust for now until we can get our hands on some BT to do it naturally. People just ride by slowly and stare at me when I am out in the garden plowing or what not, and I want to stop them and ask them how their gardens are growing, but I am reluctant to do so...because I know that when it all hits the air circulator by way of economy crash or what not they are going to be lining up at my front door wanting to know how to garden or wanting to "take" a hand out from me. This is another topic we should cover, matter a fact I am going to start another thread on it rightnow. Thanks man for the post and keep in touch...we may be our only assets one day.


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        hey mountainman try some 20 mule team borax it's natural and it gets rid of most bugs it's and alkilia (prob. miss spelled) it's used for helpingto get cleaner laundry.For ants mix up like a 3/4 gallon water(hot) disolve a couple cups of sugar and a couple cups borax leave it in small containers that the ants can get into and feed ,then the ants take it back to the nests to feed the other ants and it kills them all works great on the big black carpenter ants anything else just dust them even kills cockeroaches!


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          Yes, the current events are a boom for the sporting goods and gun stores. But many in the industry think it is about to pull back considerably. The "Obama Bubble" as the industry refers to it, is already loosing a lot of steam and more and more weapons and ammunition is making it to the stores. That is not because they are making more, it is because sales and slowing. Midway had a nice article about it, to the dealer network.

          Primers are another story. Still very hard to keep in stock. You can always find them if you are willing to pay double or triple the pre "Obama Bubble" prices. But most reloaders won't pay the super high markup. I have sold some primers on Gun Broker and the final bid was 6 times what I paid for them three or four years ago.