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Kahr CW40 Stainless

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  • Kahr CW40 Stainless

    Does anyone have any opinions of the Kahr CW40 Stainless. Good ccw or is there another gun i should look??
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    Concerning CCW firearms you will find many diverse almost fanatical opinions on this subject from many forums/boards members. From what I’ve read in previous postings and other forums, many individuals choice of a CCW firearm is the only one to make at the exclusion of everything else anyone may recommend.

    Kahr’s have some popularity with individuals looking for a CCW firearm. Personally I’m not a fan of Kahr’s polymer pistols as we had to send more than one back to the manufacturer. Quality control reliability/durability issues concerning the frame guide rails (among other things). Some of these issues appeared almost instantly.

    With the Kahr CW40 stainless, I’ve had to send two slides back to the manufacturer for cracks. Both cracks appeared on the front face of the slide between the bore drilled for the barrel and the bore drilled for the guide rod. This crack did not affect the function of the firearm but I would not want this flaw on one of my firearms. This issue may be presenting itself with this particular firearm due to the 40 cal cartridge. Firearms which employ the 40 cal are notorious for their rapid pulse action of the slide. Now you may probably get opinions to the contrary on how someone owning this firearm has never had a problem. You know what? Good for them I’m glad.

    Ultimately the decision rests on what works for you. Your hands may be as big and as strong as a gorilla and therefore you may prefer a small hand cannon. CCW firearms are defensive (Get off Me/Away) firearms. CCW firearms because of the concealment factor are not the most comfortable to carry long term especially if the firearm is both bulky and heavy, so make your selection based with these factors in mind. Where is the firearm going to be carried SOB (Small of Back), ankle, hip, shoulder etc? Find a firearm that is small, light weight, comfortable to shoot, a secure grip and not cumbersome/awkward for the employment as YOUR CCW firearm.

    CCW Suggestions……


    Ruger Stainless SP-101
    S&W J-Frame Series: Example Hammerless 442/642 (with Hogue Extended Grip, Laser Max Grip or Crimson Trace laser Grips)
    Taurus Model 85 Series


    Though I’m not a fan, I would recommend any of the smaller or intermediate size Glocks (Caliber of your choice) employing mag extensions with additional finger grip if required.
    CZ 75 D PCR Compact
    CZ P-01
    CZ 2075 RAMI
    CZ 2075 RAMI P Polymer

    I would also personally avoid the Kel-Tecs as they require a 200 rd plus break-in and if one should limp wrist it in the heat of moment you are most surely guaranteed a stove pipe condition. If you shoot one of their compact 9mms it feels like a hand grenade going off in your hand. Some people have broken the Kel-Tecs trying to take them apart for routine cleaning! Not impressed with any of the Kel-Tecs. Because of there design and ammo sensitivity I would also exclude 1911 style compacts. They are more prone to hiccup than a full size 1911 when employed as a CCW. Your mileage may vary. Again if it works for someone else great.

    Good luck with your decision and let us know what you end up with.


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      I was carrying the glock 23 but found with a loaded mag it was to heavy. Im thinking a revolver may be the one. lose rounds but get reliablity.
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        Originally posted by neverknow View Post
        I was carrying the glock 23 but found with a loaded mag it was to heavy. Im thinking a revolver may be the one. lose rounds but get reliablity.
        Absolutely agree; not a bad choice to make. Small J-Frame sized revolvers are very popular with both law enforcement and the CCW community. Many officers down here carry the light weight S&W 442/642 series firearm. They are carried in either an ankle or belly band holster. These firearms feature hammerless aircraft grade alloy frames with steel or stainless barrels and cylinders. My assistant manager and friend at the gunshop I managed carried one all day in his back pocket with no problems. He even dropped it once from a height of over 5 feet while unloading a semi. Looks a litte beat up/worn from years of carry but it works just fine.

        One thing to keep in mind concerning these smaller firearms. Your hand will be absorbing more of the recoil than say a full or intermediate sized firearm. They are not really meant to be taken out for a 500rd plus range cession. Thats why if you get a J-frame style firearm I strongly recommend you get a replacement grip that gives you that extra finger grip. Really makes the firearm more pleasant and actually more accurate when shooting.

        As an NYPD detective my brother carries a 38 cal only stainless Ruger SP 101. This firearm is enjoyable to shoot albeit slightly heavier than the alloy S&W 442/642. Don't discount Taurus revolvers. They are often an overlooked bargain. Many people are just ignorant when it comes to this company.

        I personally like all stainless revolvers, but there will be a weight compromise.

        (Also click on view all models)

        Again good luck with your decision.
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          I owned a CW40. It was a great pistol for carrying around. Its accuracy was pretty damn good. HOWEVER, I had some problems with the magazines. One came with the gun, and I bought two more. All three exibited the same malfuntions at random. They didnt lock into the magazine well tight enough, so the magazines sat too low. This caused the pistol to fail to load the next round sometimes. Sometimes it would fire all the rounds without incident, but would then fail to go into slidelock because of the same reason.
          I should add that I have two friends with CW40's. And they function absolutly flawlessly. Guess I got a lemon. Ive got another friend with a MK40. Same size, and seems to be of a higher quality. Also, its a little heavier, so the recoil is felt much less. Im the only one I know whos had these problems.