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  • P-95

    Finally getting one tonight............WOOHOO!
    All that is gold does not glitter, nor all who wander are lost

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    Congrats on the new Firearm

    A number of years ago I was fortunate enough to purchase a Ruger P-89DC for $200 dollars and only 25 rounds fired. I even got the other 25 rounds plus 2 additional 50rd boxes thrown in. At that price I could not pass it up. The following weekend I took it out with a friend and his P-95 for comparison. His P-95 appeared to have the frame constructed of a carbon composite as apposed to what Ruger is saying now is a reinforced polymer. They may have changed the constructional features of the frame recently. It looked like the frame would shatter if the firearm was dropped and I already noticed a small chip in the frame to my friend’s displeasure.

    After comparing the firearms with several brands of ammunition, we both drew the same conclusions. We found his P-95 felt unbalanced/top heavy and spongy when shooting (more pronounced muzzle rise). Felt like you were shooting a Hi-point if you only had several rounds in the magazine. This may have also attributed to why the P-89 was the more accurate of the two during our testing. At 25 yards distance (normal handgun engagement zones); we found the P-95 adequate for it’s intended purpose. The P-89 was able to better this and at a more considerable distance. Your mileage may vary. I found that I liked the DC series (De-cocker) as I can drop the hammer safely with a loaded round in the chamber.

    The Ruger P-series of firearms owes its heritage to the P-85 pistol. It was a contender for the then new M-9 service pistol. It passed it’s 30,000 rd test to include placing the firearm in a test chamber with a barrel blank to simulate a squib load. The only thing that happened to the firearm was that the extractor imbedded itself in a cinder block. It was removed from the wall and reinstalled and the testing continued. In the end Beretta won the contract on the agreement that Beretta would build a plant in the USA to manufacture the M-9.

    Congrats on the new firearm and I hope you enjoy it and provides good service for you.


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      I don't know about polymer, it looks like regular gun metal
      All that is gold does not glitter, nor all who wander are lost


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        Originally posted by lailr View Post
        I don't know about polymer, it looks like regular gun metal
        I may be missing something, I thought all the Ruger P-95s were polymer/synthetic frames


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          Originally posted by lailr View Post
          Congrats! :D
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