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    How far out will a 4x12x40 scope get me? I want a redfield for the M1A:cool:
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    Are you the same leadslinger that's over on the hi-point forums?
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      no Im the true Leadslinger , he must be an imposter
      You can not multiply wealth by dividing it.:cool:


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        The scope doesn't change the flight path of the bullet, so I don't know how to answer.

        It depends on the size of your target, but the zoom of your scope will be a limiting factor to see small targets. Also the size will affect how well it performs in low light.

        I wouldn't forsee a problem with a scope like that out to 500 yards or even further, but it depends on target size and how well you use it.
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          A scope does nothing to improve accuracy if you have not mastered the basics of marksmanship, you will simply miss within a smaller circle.
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            mastering the shot

            Qualified expert 3 years in a row in the Marines. I can circumsize a nat at 500yards.Thanks for the tip though.
            You can not multiply wealth by dividing it.:cool:


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              If you are willing to kiss a couple of toads you may find a prince. I have an A1 Optic 6-24X50 that I paid $109.00 for new on ebay. Luepold 1 piece base and rings. 1/8 MOA adjustments. Side focus turret. Rangefinder LED lit reticle. 270 Winchester model 70, 2 1/4 pound trigger. Hogue full aluminum bedding block stock. Sub MOA. Target setup 4X8 plywood painted white with orange stick on targets in 1", 2", 3" depending on range. 3 of 3 on 3" target 1 3/8 group at 350 yards. At 20 power can identify hits at that range. A few orange dots and you can shoot all afternoon without having to go downrange. White stick on dots from office supply to cover old holes in plywood. Bought another knock off that wouldn't hold point. My 5 yr old granson now has another toy. Millett "Buck Gold" 6-26X56 on 22-250 TC Encore 28" Pro-Hunter barrel. Trigger job by Jim L Hendershot of Shots Gunsmithing, 1lb4oz. 1 1/8" 3 of 3 at 350 yards. 350 yards was longest shot from my back porch bench at lease. Now that the place has been logged of clearcut, have 700 yard opportunity. Need to set up and start doping in. The Millett was new older model for $199.00. Front focus. Now that Millett is more recognized as quality scope, the current model of same scope is $500.00 with turret focus. Wouldn't take for either one. The point is unless you are label conscious you can buy 3-4 of these for same money as top recognized brands. I was lucky, 2 of 3. As a matter of fact sold Leupold Vari-X III to friend off 270, preferring A1-Optic, with change left over outfitting both rifles. A lot of knowledgeable people sneer at these brands, but to me performance is all that matters. Both have been shot quite a bit last couple of years with no problems for me. And I like the large objectives. Add 20-30 minutes to good target acquisition morning & evening over 40mm. Unless things have changed nobody was making mounts tall enough for 56mm over heavy barrel. Called "Dednutz" and they machined for me and are now selling. Kick ass mount. Base and rings machined from single billet. Happy shooting
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                Variable Objective A Must


                For your purposes/firearm and intended usage:

                I would strongly recomend that you chose a scope with a larger and variable/adjustable objective for your purposes. The larger objective will increase your field of view while allowing more light into the scope. This will be a plus not just at range but less than ideal shooting conditions ie. poor weather/low light conditions.

                The adjustable objective and Parallax error:

                Parallax is a viewing error that represents the reticle and the target as being parallel, not in line. Parallax is influenced by two factors, the angle of the viewer's eye, and the internal design. It can be seen by leaving the firearm at a fixed position with a scope centered on the target, and then moving one's head left, right, and up, down. Apparent movement of the reticles across the target is parallax error. Novice 22 Lr Target Rifle and Competitive High-power rifle distance shooters experience this problem quite often. Example: The 22Lr shooters buying high power scopes to shoot at a close 25yd target; only to mis-diagnose the rifle as the cause of their poor marksmanship. Works the same way with the long distance shooters. You need a scope you can dial in or is appropriate for the range you intend to shoot at.

                Parallax can be corrected for, but only at a set distance. This is where the variable/adjustable objective scopes shine. Most scopes have fixed parallax correction at 100 or 150 yards. Shotgun scopes are usually set to 50 yards. Quality Target scopes have Adjustable Objectives with range markings for correction. Cheap scopes, very high power scopes and variable scopes with a very large range of power adjustment typically have the most problems with parallax. Cheap scopes often experience zero shift when adjusting the parallax. Hope this helps. Good Luck with your decision.
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                  4-12 power is fine for any distance your going to shoot with an M1A. The marines have been using the 10x Unertl on the M40 sniper rifles for many years and only recently went to the Schmitt and Bender. What is going to help you the most is quality of the optics, look at every scope you can get your hands on in that power range and your budget and pick the one that presents a clear, bright image. Redfield used to make a great scope, I have a 6-18 power 5 star from years ago that is one of the best I have, even better than one of my M4 8-25 Leupolds. Dont let price equal quality- you have to look through them and decide what fits you best.


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                    here it is

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	arsenal 002.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	44.4 KB
ID:	184393here is the finished product, the scope is the redfield 3x12x40 and its really clear works great
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                      Originally posted by leadslinger View Post
                      How far out will a 4x12x40 scope get me? I want a redfield for the M1A:cool:
                      A 4-12x40 scope should work just fine on an M1A. You might have to work a little bit at longer ranges, but otherwise it'll do its part if you do yours.